October 29th, 2014

#4435: More about our rockets always blowing up.

In this MArooned post JayG talks about the failed launch and discusses the politics thereof.

I fall into the "get NASA out of the launch business" camp because while they've demonstrated that they can reliably build and launch space missions they cannot do it cheaply. NASA has been in the space launch business since the early 1960s and their per-pound price to orbit has not declined one whit. That's because there's no incentive for NASA to make access to space any cheaper.

* * *

Yeah, call Netanyahu "chicken shit" after you spent years pressuring Israel not to blow up Iran's nuclear facilities. Sure, blame it all on Israel when your policies end up with Iran having nukes.

Fucking asshats.

* * *

My Nintendo DS--unused for more than two years--still works. I dug out its charger last night and plugged it in, let it charge overnight; just now it powered up and functioned normally. Wowee. It's in mint condition, but of course I wouldn't get anything for it if I tried trading it in.

* * *

Today I--for the first time in a very long time--paid less than $3 per gallon for gasoline in the Fungal Vale. $2.98 ($2.979 though I shouldn't have to explain that, should I?) for 89 octane, just in time for winter.

I suppose I could dig through all the old Fungus posts and make a chart of what gas prices have done over the past ten years; that might be interesting, but probably not worth all the effort.

As an aside, I've never cared to spend the time to figure out how to make Excel do graphs. It's a pain in the ass, anyway; back in 1990, 1991, if I wanted to make a chart or graph I fired up Harvard Graphics, which was software written specifically for the generation of charts, graphs, and the like. It was also extremely easy to use, especially for something running in DOS. Of course, then Microsoft came out with Powerpoint and the rest of them, and software from lesser companies has withered on the vine.

Someday I'll spend the time to get familiar enough with Excel that I can do graphs and whatever else, probably right after I master time travel. *sigh*