February 2nd, 2015

#4557: Yeah, that's not happening.

So I got up, went outside, and tried it.

I managed to clear away most of the top of the driveway, the places that had mostly been covered with the dry, powdery, blowing snow. The snowblower gave up, though, when I hit the packing snow that had frozen overnight. I was still managing to make some progress, by backing and filling--went another six or seven feet that way--but finally I hit a place where the blower just could not move the snow. I kept trying to do the same eight-inch stretch, but the blower would either skip over the top or bog down. Then it stalled.

There is no way in hell I can do the 2-foot plow drift at the bottom of the driveway with this snow blower. If it was all powder, I could, but packing snow? That froze overnight? No. Not with a single-stage snowblower with a 3-horse engine.

...so we're going to have to have it plowed. The news says two people in the area died because of heart attacks; I don't aim to be a third.

In any event I can't get the Jeep out of the driveway--I barely got into the driveway last night--so I'm staying home today, something that's making my wife very, very happy. She was extremely worried about me having to drive home in a blizzard, and was glad that they closed the store early; she had wanted me to ask to be allowed to leave about 5 PM or so.

The official tally is 17+ inches. Here at the bunker we measured 16, which beats the Feb 2011 and Jan 2000 blizzards. (19 inches at the airports.)

We got more snow here than they did in New York City last week, but we didn't shut down the world. Suck it, east coast pussies.

* * *

Gas is going to get more expensive even as the price of oil continues to edge downward, because 10% of our refining capacity is on strike.


* * *

American Horror Story: Freak Show is chock-full of horror, all right, but it's a pretty good show. Out of all the characters in the story, four (or five, depending on how you count) survived, which is about what you'd expect from, y'know, a horror story. And they were the ones who should have lived, so that's all right.

...to have an ensemble of characters that big, and to have only a handful survive--that's quite a body count. (I am, of course, not counting incidental or supporting characters.) Bonus points for the people who really deserved it getting theirs in various nasty ways.

This story will make me look favorably upon other entrants in the series--apparently each season is its own story--and we'll see how that works out.

* * *

While I was fooling around with El-Hazard yesterday--it was on nearly the entire time I was there--the hard drive never got too hot. Blocking that grille on back was the right choice. It seems counter-intuitive to block a cooling vent to improve cooling, but it just goes to show that a little thought about airflow goes a long way.

#4558: Okay, maybe it IS happening after all.

So after the last post I went out and did more work on the driveway, and to my surprise once I got past where the cars are parked I was able to get it pretty well clear, but for the bottom six feet or so.

...which I took care of by running the Jeep over repeatedly. Mom Fungus didn't raise any fools.

Snowblower started running badly a while after I emptied the gas can into it, which leads me to think I need to drain the gas tank and refill it with fresh fuel (even though the 2-cycle oil has StaBil in it. Argh etc).

Anyway, the driveway is clear, and it only took me about two hours, all told. Of course, my arms are about as limp as the spaghetti I had for dinner last night and I am broiling in my own waste heat, but it beats paying $40-$50-$60 to have someone in a nice warm truck spend 10 minutes pushing the snow aside.

Egad! My sophisticated heart!!!

#4559: Holy crap was I TIRED.

Earlier today I tried reading this post by Karl Denninger, which is about Googe paying Ad Block not to block ads...and I couldn't understand the significance of what he was saying.

It's a short post about a subject that's not complex, but I couldn't figure it out, and finally decided I didn't care that much about it anyway and went on to other things.

After I finished with the driveway and the last post, I played a little bit of WoW, but I was falling asleep at the keyboard. I gave up and went to bed for 3.5 hours, sleeping like a man drugged.

Just now I reread the post and it made perfect sense to me: Googe is paying Ad Block to allow ads from Googe through, and Ad Block will suffer a hit to its credibility because when your product is supposed to block ads, it should not let ads through no matter how much money you'll make on the deal.

Holy crap was I tired.

...wait, I said that already. Never mind.