February 19th, 2015

#4587: I was right!

Last week I was demo-ing a Lenovo laptop for a guy, and his Internet access was slower than shit even though it was a brand new laptop. I mean, I was the guy who broke the seal on the thing and set it up; I know I didn't do anything to infect that computer, yet every time I tried to access the Internet it would first go to "www.best-deals-products.com" and hang for 15-30 seconds. I told him the laptop had malware on it--fortunately he was very understanding and was willing to wait a few extra days for the thing--and put it through the wringer, and once finished it accessed the Internet a lot faster. I told my coworkers that it was infected with malware from the factory.

Well, guess what? Turns out Lenovo laptops shipped with frickin' malware on them. Pre-installed for your convenience!


...but this means that if that laptop ever needs a system restore, it's going to have that f-ing malware on it again. Spiffy! So you need to get a clean copy of Windows, scrub the hard drive to bare metal, and start from scratch. (That post explains how to remove the malware.)

How to create clean install media with no bloatware. That could be useful, which is why I'm linking it here.

* * *

Today I called off work, because my wife and I had an important business meeting. Even though I didn't go to work I feel pretty wiped out. Well, that's how it goes.

* * *

Next major project is to get the Fiero back in one piece. One motivation is that I saw a video I shot in 2004, where I set a camcorder up in the passenger seat and recorded the drive home through the windshield, and it reminded me of how much I miss driving my f-ing Fiero. (Which is lots.)

The other motivation is Og's threat that he's going to duct tape me to the back of the car until I get it back on the road. So, yeah. Guess I'd better get after it.

But that won't be until it's considerably warmer than zero f-ing degrees outside as it is tonight. WTF.

...if I owned the entirety of this house, though, I'd think seriously about putting a wood burning stove in the garage to heat that mother. Over on YouTube 1puglife has a video where he made a stove out of a scrap water heater tank and some other bits and pieces, and apparently it's quite efficient. I don't have his tools or skills--my welder might be adequate for sheet steel--but he sure made a nice-looking stove.

I don't own the entirety of this place, and I'm not going to. No big deal, that.

Wherever I end up living, though, the damned garage is going to have to have some form of climate control, damn it. There will also be a strict policy: if it doesn't have a motor in it, or it is not something that will help me work on or maintain the things with motors in them, it does not belong in the garage.

* * *

So this year's season of Highway Through Hell is On Demand, which is nice, because the DVR doesn't record the show even when it's scheduled to. It does record when there's some kind of impending weather, and Weather Channel is doing wall to wall coverage of it. So when they're talking about it snowing in Boston, it will record, but when the regular show is on, it won't.

Xfinity X-1 box FTW! Yeah!


* * *

Anyway, that's all for now, I guess.