March 12th, 2015

#4620: It's only a mystery if you believe the government figures.

Economists are struggling to understand why wage growth is stagnant with unemployment at 5.5%.

It's because the unemployment data is fake, that's why. The real unemployment figure is somewhere around 23%, and there is absolutely no competition whatsoever for workers; where demand is small and supply is high, the price of a commodity will stagnate or fall. This isn't that complicated.

* * *

So Apple announces their craptastic watch, and it turns out to have an awful battery life and cost far more than it's worth. But hey, you can get a gold one for $17,000! It'll be obsolete in a year and you can't replace the battery, but ZOMG GOLD APPLE WATCH!


* * *

Still more evidence of data tampering by NOAA because global warming is real, and they'll prove it is even if they have to make it up.

* * *

...I wonder whatever happened to that MP3 player I had, the one with the touch screen that I bought about four years ago? I don't expect that the thing still works.

Trying to find out when I bought it, though, I came across a bit of wisdom for the ages in this Fungus post:
I think there may be a lesson there for all of us.

Anyway, April 21, 2011 was when I bought it. I think I used it three or four times. Now I haven't the foggiest idea where the hell it is.

Well, I suppose it'll turn up eventually.

#4621: Now I just need to swap the relays.

Relays arrived today. Can't complain about that.

I may do the repair tomorrow, or Saturday, depending on various factors. There's no rush, since we can use the stove as it is--except for broiling, and we're not going to be having steak for a while anyway.

* * *

So, at work today I saw that 1 TB Western Digital desktop hard drives are on sale for the stunning price of $50. That's about $0.50 per gigabyte, which is amazingly cheap.

Turns out that El-Hazard can run the IBM 1390 keyboard without so much as a hiccough, so I'll definitely be putting that in the monk's cell. Though if I can find a PS/2 to USB adapter like the one I came across at work (in the keyboard drawer, so I can't buy it *sob*snort*) I might put the 1390 to work on Floristica...assuming she can hack it.

Turns out Newegg has one for the stunning price of $7 shipped, so I know what I'm doing when this post is finished.

* * *

Today while testing out an open box PC I came across a video of a guy who had built a go kart without welding. Basically, he bolted everything together.

His solution for steering used two pneumatic wheels set on casters. Somehow he attached steering arms to them, and bolted his tie rods to them. It was pretty inventive.

Problem is, he didn't do a very good job of videography, because he doesn't really give a good view of how he did things: just "lookit my steering!" and it's on screen for perhaps half a second in shaky-vision.

But I got a good enough look at the thing to realize that his front end is not nearly as robust as it ought to be. The front wheels are bolted on with the two leading bolt holes in the caster plate, which means his front axle will probably twist. Especially since his mounting method required that holes be drilled through the square tubing.

No adjustability in the engine position, and the chain was sloppy loose. That thing will spin right off the sprockets.

Probably one could build a solid machine without having to weld, but this guy's methods are not the way to do it. I did like the castered wheel steering arrangement, but I'd only want to use that for a go kart made from a shopping cart.

Speaking of which, I happened to see a shopping cart abandoned in the woods across the side street from the store, as I was leaving today. Hmm...

* * *

Not much else to discuss today. Long day at work, stupidity abounding; my feet hurt and my head is tired and all I really want to do right now is go to Azeroth and fuck shit up.