April 3rd, 2015

#4657: Remember peak oil?

Remember when the world was running out of oil and it would never, never, ever again cost less than $100 a barrel? It wasn't that long ago that we were told that all the cheap oil in the world was gone, gone, gone, and that we now faced a future where oil could not possibly ever be cheap again, because demand was rising and the cheap stuff was gone and we were just going to have to get used to paying more for oil.

I remember those days. Those were good days. Or they might have been if I hadn't known at the time all those grave pronouncements were full of shit.

5% of the world's oil tankers are lining up to carry oil from Iran and Iraq. That's a line of ships four miles long, though--to be fair--there is some distance between them; they're not lined up bow to stern or anything.

And then the lede for this article: "Oil prices will remain subdued for the next 20 years."

So, yeah, I guess we're all screwed. Or not.

* * *

On to the economic news!

Japan admits to fabricating wage growth data. What! You mean to tell me a government operating under the principles of Keynesian economics made up numbers to support their agenda? How is that possible? Say it ain't so!

Do not expect the Obama Bureau of Labor Statistics to follow suit with this "honesty" thing. After all your boss has never made more money than he is now, so just because your wages aren't going up it doens't mean wages aren't increasing. Maybe you should learn how to work harder, you lazy shitsock, and then you might get a raise! Did that ever occur to you?

* * *

Power surge fries smart meters. So tell me: when a power surge fries the electrical meter on the side of your house, do you still get electricity? Or are you without power until the electric company comes out and replaces that meter?

Somehow I'd wager it's the latter.

* * *

It's true that California's current water supply can't support the population, at least not in the fashion to which they've become accustomed.

The best fix for the water problem--if you don't want to give up the populations or the farms--is to build big nuclear-powered desalinization plants all along the seashores. I keep saying this because it's the only solution we have other than "wait for it to rain."

* * *

Cue the crickets! You see, gays don't go to muslim bakeries to get their wedding cakes. They don't ask muslim bakers to violate their religious beliefs because they're not trying to bring down islam.

And this.
Way to establish yourselves as levelheaded and tolerant good neighbors, LGBTWXYZ militants and sympathizers. Violent death threats against the owners of the place, x-rated vandalism of web pages associated with the business, and threats to burn it down are a really effective means of alienating people who might otherwise once have been just a tiny bit sympathetic. Why, yes – destroying a tiny business, which provides a living for a family and a nice gathering-place for local people – is just the ticket for winning friends and influencing people … to quietly go and have a Chic-fil-A sandwich, or send a contribution to GoFundMe to support the owners of Memories Pizza.
The leftists always show their true colors, eventually. They shriek loudly about the hatred they perceive in others, but they are the most hate-filled people in the world.

* * *

So during a few (brief) moments of down time today I looked up "death wobble" and did a little more research on the damned shimmy.

Since I can't detect any play in the tie rods or ball joints, I'm going to try something a little unorthodox to eliminate the one source of play that I have found: I'm going to tweak the preload on the steering box.

Loosen the jam nut, tweak the center allen bolt up to about 1/8th turn, tighten the jam nut, and try driving it. That's what I'm going to do. In theory this will remove the play in the steering box, and if that's the cause of my wobble, well--problem solved.

...because there simply is not any detectable play anywhere else in the front suspension. The steering box is it, and there's enough there that it could easily be the source of my trouble.

I won't have time to do anything with this until Tuesday, of course. *sigh*