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Atomic Fungus
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Saturday, May 16th, 2015

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#4723: Did it break AGAIN?
So last night I was getting ready for bed and the faucet in the bathroom spat air again, as if the water had been turned off. Once finished with what I was doing I put on shoes and went outside, and although it had not rained the west side of the street--just the west side!--looked as if it had been wet recently. You know how pavement looks when it's been wet and is drying.

This is getting tedious.

Mrs. Fungus and I were busy with various things, so we would not have necessarily heard the Street and San guys fixing the water main; I've found that if I am not actually looking out the window they can usually accomplish their tasks without me knowing they're even there. If they are right out front of the bunker and I am trying to sleep, that I will notice; otherwise they're pretty unobtrusive. Especially when it's warm and we have fans running.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus bought wasabi-ginger flavored potato chips and I CANNOT STOP EATING THEM. This is probably the best potato chip flavor ever. Dang.

* * *

Turns out that the latest entry in the Mad Max ouerve is a feminist trojan horse. Charlize Theron plays is the main character of the movie, and Max himself is kind of an afterthought, an excuse for the story.

I've never been a huge fan of those movies anyway, though Road Warrior was pretty decent. Post-apocalyptic dystopias are not my cup of tea, anyway; I watched the movies for the cars and the done-at-speed stunts, anyway, because they're not exactly art for the ages. (Beyond Thunderdome was not very good; I saw it once and there was nothing compelling me to watch it a second time.)

The kiss of death is that the producers consulted Eve "statutory date rape is OK! as long as it's lesbians" Ensler for some reason or another. (In her play Vagina Monologues, one character is a 14-year-old girl, who enthusiastically talks about how wonderful it is that an adult woman got her drunk and molested her.)

So it should be easy to see why I'm not going to bother with this one; the reviews I've been reading say that it's nothing but "grrl power" with a light dusting of Mad Max to provide the excuse for car chases and explosions. Gack.

* * *

Everybody is all shocked and surprised that former Clinton press secretary George Stephanopolous gave money to the Clinton foundation. Certain sectors of the press are acting like it's somehow inconceivable that someone who was elevated to national prominence by a politician would subsequently be sympathetic to that politician and his family, and their political aspirations.

...when Stephanopolous was hired by ABC, it was just the first sign that the media was giving up all pretense at objectivity. Anyone with a brain could see that the media leaned Democrat; that's been true since the beginning of the 20th century at least and probably longer, but they'd never before hired a partisan political hack and treated it like they were hiring a journalist. Steph (I am not typing his full name again here) left Bill Clinton's employ and signed on at ABC right afterwards, while Clinton was still in office if I am not misremembering...but of course they claimed he would only be there for commentary.

Why is a partisan political hack moderating debates for the other party? Why did that ever happen? Why did the GOP sit still for it?

So he donated money to the Clintons, and didn't disclose it, and his employer and some other people played games with the release of the story, and-and-and--the whole thing is incredibly dishonest, and typical of how the media does things. And it turns out that other Clinton cronies are in on the spin, which is hardly remarkable let alone surprising.

And as Ace comments at that link, the more proper name for the Clinton foundation is "Fund to keep the Clintons Wealthy and Well-staffed", considering that most of their budget is spent on salaries to its managers, most notably Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea.

Nice work if you can get it--being really rich and powerful and totally unaccountable must be awful convenient.

* * *

Pleasant enough day today, but rainy. Tomorrow looks like it'll be more of the same. I'm wanting to get the grass cut--I really should have done it yesterday--but that probably won't happen before Wednesday if the weather keeps up like this. Well, that's how it goes, sometimes.
#4724: Failure identified.
So I left for work this afternoon, and as I was heading out I looked at the right front (formerly left rear) tire on the Jeep. That's the tire that loses air; the others are good about maintaining pressure but that one goes flat if I don't keep it filled. I found out that the valve stem core was loose on the thing (this was after I discovered a similar problem with the motorcycle's front tire) and had hoped that would fix it, but that only mitigated the problem, as today's check of the tire pressure revealed.


As I was crouching to check the tire pressure, I noticed something. It had rained earlier today, quite heavily, and the wheel was still wet around the valve stem. In the direct sunlight I could see something shimmering at the base of the thing...almost, I thought, as if there were a tiny, tiny air leak.


Fiddling with it stopped the bubbling, but only momentarily. So it seems that when this tire was put on, the valve stem sealed long enough to pass the leak test (assuming they did it) and then, poof.

This means I'm going to have to replace that valve stem, of course, and since it's been about eleven months since the tires were new I get to do it my own bad self. It's not rocket science, though, and I think a new valve stem costs about a buck fifty, so I ought to be able to handle this. And then hopefully the damned tire will hold pressure, because I'm getting mightily sick of having to fill it every week.

* * *

Looking at the weather report, apparently we were briefly subjected to vacuum this morning around 3 AM, when the barometric pressure dropped to 0.00 for a moment. The pressure then rapidly climbed back to 30.01 inches of mercury. Maybe that's what happened to the damned water main.

* * *

Can you remember when nurses had to have guts? I can remember that. It's not that way any more, of course. Now a nurse can be a wilting, fainting flower as long as she can sue enough people into letting her have enough chances to pass the tests.

If you have a problem with anxiety and stress that keeps you from being able to pass a test in a classroom, you do not belong in the medical field.

* * *

I really wish I had more of those wasabi-ginger potato chips....

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