June 4th, 2015

#4751: I'm really glad of this

Cephiro has gone on to a second life as the centerpiece of Og's battlestation. I installed Win 7 64 Pro for him, and blew out the cobwebs, and got it all set up, and now apparently it's doing yeoman's duty as the replacement for the dual Xeon system he--his words--garbage picked.

He loves it and I'm tickled pink that he's tickled pink.

* * *

So far tomorrow's weather report looks as if I'll be able to get the grass cut. It was too swampy to cut over the past few days, but it should be dry enough tomorrow if it doesn't rain again. I have so much f-ing nonsense to attend to.

...picked up another day of work next week, which will help the finances a bit. We're also supposed to bonus this month, having managed 110% of our prime metric's goal, but I have no idea when that money will actually appear on my check.

I hope it's soon.

But I'm opening tomorrow, and I still have things I need to get done tonight, so I'm going to get to work now in hopes of getting to bed before 2 AM. Whee!