July 15th, 2015

#4808: If I can just get the f-ing fuel rail and injectors in--

That's my goal for today: put the fuel system into the Fiero. If I can get that much done on the car today I'll be satisfied with my progress, such as it is.

My extended weed whacking session yesterday left my arms feeling well-tenderized and weak, which is not terribly surprising. I need a yoke or something to support the weight of the thing; it's not terribly heavy but after I've toted it around the yard for twenty minutes my arms feel like overcooked pasta. Worse, the throttle requires a deft touch, and it's balanced such that my right hand must support most of the weight of the thing even as I'm running the throttle with that index finger, so I can't even use my entire hand to hold it up.

But that's an issue for another day. Today's issue is the fuel rail in the Fiero.

As predicted, over the course of yesterday afternoon the wind switched to the north and things started to cool off. By the time Mrs. Fungus got home, we were able to open the bunker up, and it was nice and cool last night. Today looks to be more of the same, so hopefully I'll be able to work on the car in some modicum of comfort.

* * *

Karl Denninger talks about the prediction that we're facing another little ice age, and he makes mention of a point which is often ignored by warmistas: global warming is much better for us than global cooling is.

The runaway warming predicted by the warmistas is impossible. Carbon emissions cannot force the Earth's climate into a state--let's call it the "waterworld" scenario--where positive feedback results in all the ice melting. It can't, I should say, without the atmosphere becoming too poisonous for us to breathe, but in order for it to get to that point we'd have to deforest the entire world first.

Even if the anthropogenic warming theory were correct--which has not even been demonstrated, much less proven--in all liklihood the effects would be a net benefit for humanity. Rather than devastation, it would mean increased crop yields and a host of other good things.

Cooling, however--well, we have historical data which shows what happens when temperatures decline. Things get bad, and the lower the temperatures go the worse they get.

I have often seen it written--though certainly not since "zomg global warming" became pravda--that Earth is an ice world that sometimes has warm periods. Warmistas don't consider the climate on geological time scales; they can't--their thesis is wrecked by the long-term data. And most of their focus is on what the climate has done since the seventeenth century irrespective of what it did before that. When they think about any data prior to the last four hundred years, it is either to dismiss it, or attempt to obfuscate what it says, lest--again--their thesis be jeopardized.

* * *

We finished the first season of Deadwood last night. Pretty good stuff. Seems like when we watch one ep, we end up watching another right afterwards.

Brad Dourif is in it, and he plays a doctor. Mrs. Fungus asked me what else he'd been in, and was shocked when I told her he'd been in an ep of Babylon 5 ("Passing Through Gesthemane").

* * *

Looks like AoSHQ is being DDoSed again. I have three web sites in my blogroll which are on Pixy Misa's mee.nu or mu.nu servers, and none of them is accessible right now. Either Pixy Misa had a major crash, or DDoS. Yeah.

Either way, there's approximately bugger all I can do about it.

#4809: NOW what's going to happen?

Made a PBJ this morning, and ran out of peanut butter and jelly at the same time. Not only did I run out of both at the same time but there was enough in each jar to make the sandwich.

I am deeply afraid.

* * *

This kind of shit infuriates me. The GOP is thinking about helping the Democrats approve the Iran nuke deal, so they have the issue next year to run on.

Some of us on the right (self included, occasionally) refer to the GOP as the "stupid party", but this isn't merely stupid. It used to be that the GOP, at least, was the party of adults who understood that sometimes you have to put your foot down and say, "Regardless of how we can run on this, it's not good for the country and we need to stop it."

Let me understand their strategy, here. They have a majority in the Senate and the House, and they think that they can make hay on "We can't be fucked to stop Obama?" Do they think we're going to forget that they have the power to stop this shit cold and merely refuse to use it for reasons undefined? (Except, "Hey, maybe we can win an election next year"?)

I'm already not voting for Mark Kirk when he's up for re-election. He blew that when he voted for Obama's amnesty crap; this was a guy who campaigned on being a conservative, but has comported himself like "Democrat Lite" ever since he got to D.C.

Meanwhile, all these machinations by the GOP leadership seem to forget, somehow, that the press is hostile to them and will report, at every chance, just what was the GOP's role in ratifying the deal...if the GOP's role was, "Hey, we're not going to stand in your way, Barry."

The GOP has long since ceased to have any principles. When they make a stand, it's a token effort--a pretense to keep the votors from rioting--but with this strategem, however, they are no longer even pretending.

* * *

Planned Parenthood's latest outrage: selling organs harvested from murdered babies.

Ace's previous post on this where he correctly asserts that it's ugly and illegal.

Look: in the US, it's illegal to sell human organs for a profit, regardless of source, because the last thing you want is there to be a profit motive in that arena. The organs must be donated; the donor, or his estate, cannot receive any kind of payment for the organs. (That latter--"the estate"--is to avoid situations where the unscupulous say, "If we bump off our brother Ted, and forge his signature on this document, we can sell his organs and clean up! He just needs to have an unfortunate head injury. Be careful of the eyes, though; we can get a lot for his corneas!")

That abortionist's cheerful discussion of where to crush the baby, in order to spare organs for harvesting, is no less cold-blooded or pecuniary than Ted's siblings are. Deciding how to kill someone in order to preserve the economic value of his organs is nothing more than simple butchery. There's nothing noble or good or decent about it.

...so of course, as Ace comments, the press will utterly ignore the story, because it shows abortion in all its ugliness and horror.

"Oh, you say that, but you eat meat!"

Go away, little kid. Adults are talking.

Karl Denninger talks about this issue, too, pointing out something important: for all the talk about how organ donation is supposed not to have any profit attached to it, the people who convey the organs and do the transplants sure make a hell of a lot of money on it.

...and all this had brought Steve Jobs to mind, too, even before I read what Denninger said; so let me digress a bit.

Steve Jobs had pancreatic cancer. A person who is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and who immediately begins treatment for it has a very poor life expectancy, five years or less. Jobs beat the odds, lasting six, but it might have been more if he'd sought actual treatment earlier, instead of relying on magical thinking and bullshit. It helped that he had the less-aggressive form.

Nonetheless, as a cancer patient, Jobs was not on the short list for any organ transplantation. It's the cold numbers; healthy organs are hard to come by and there's a waiting list for them, and of course the transplant issue is complicated by blood types and other factors. You therefore want to give organs to people who are likely to live longest, and a 55-year-old cancer patient is not a preferred risk. Further, Jobs was a rare blood type, meaning that if there was anyone else in the country in better condition (or younger than he) who needed a liver and had that blood type, that person would get preferential treatment.

Jobs, however, somehow managed to get a liver just when he needed it.

Somehow. I'm certain that his billions of dollars of personal wealth were not a factor. Right? Right?? It just so happened that they had this liver with exactly the right blood type, and no one else in the country needed it. Right???

...garnering him two and a half more years of life. Would another recipient have lived longer? Someone not as well-heeled but who had more lifespan ahead of him if only he had a good liver?

Back to abortions for organs: Elizabeth Scalia says it best, I think:
Sometimes, it’s just easier to hook the mother up to a sonogram, take a good look at the baby flipping around in there, and just target-crush those arms and legs, and pull them out of the mother, so you can get a clear grab of that organ-rich thorax.

There’s a lot of nice vacations, and maybe a beach house, in them thar kills.

It takes a peculiar kind of savagery to perform these horrific abortions; it takes a certain kind of hatred to exploit poor women and subject them to it. It takes a deleterious political mind to hold oneself up as a champion of the poor and the downtrodden, and then to pronounce such barbaric infanticide as an unqualified, and positive, "right" that must be protected.

It takes politicians of particular duplicity who will "fight" for that "right" even as they quote scripture to prove their Christian bona fides.

If this all makes you want to puke, it should; it means you’re sane. There are people out there, right now, making excuses for this inhumane revenue-stream, and repeating tired old tropes about shredded infants being mere "tissue." Others are trying to persuade through pragmatism, "the babies are dead anyway, so we might as well assign some value..."
That last is pretty fucking hideous. WHAT ABOUT THEIR VALUE AS LIVING HUMAN BEINGS BEFORE THEY ARE MURDERED IN THEIR MOTHERS' WOMBS? Huh? Before their arms and legs are torn off by the forceps of the abortionist?

The world groans under the weight of human iniquity. I keep wondering why God doesn't wipe us right the hell out and replace us with something that makes sense; then I remind myself that despair is a sin. *sigh*

* * *

I cannot continue in that vein. It's too depressing to contemplate for very long.

I worked hard enough yesterday that I am pleased as punch that today is so pleasant. It's quiet here, and I can only hear birds and the hum of a distant lawn mower. A modern idyll, however temporary.

It's all too easy for me to rationalize sitting here and doing nothing but listening to the quiet.

#4810: Of course, THAT'S what happens.

Five minutes after I talk about how peaceful it is here, three mexicans landscapers show up next door with about 400 small 2-cycle implements and start them ALL and use them CONTINUOUSLY for NINETY FUCKIN' MINUTES. My neighbor has three small bushes in front of his house, but it takes two hours of CONSTANT attention from three men with power tools to get them trimmed and neatened up.

Meanwhile, I got one of my bushes de-thatched--morning glories, mostly--and cut down the trees growing out of them and from the lily of the valley patch; I'm going to have to go after the rest of the raspberry canes that overgrew the lily of the valley plants and formed a protective thorny barrier over them, but I'm not doing that today when my arms are already well-tenderized from yesterday's efforts. I'll get them next week. I might also hack back the lily plants and throw down some grass seed, because it's too much work to keep the damned raspberries hacked back with the lily plants taking over half the immediate front yard. I'm sick of this shit.

I also got the intake valley of the Fiero vacuumed out, so next step is to put the injectors and fuel rail in, as intended. But because of the MexiCali 500 taking place next door, it's too loud for me to hear the delicate click of fuel injectors, which I want to test for basic function again before I install the fuel rail. So that's on hold until the paisajistas leave.

* * *

Meanwhile, The 3/5ths of a Lightworker in Chief is angry that a reporter asked him a tough question. Doesn't Major Garrett know that it's raciss to ask a tough question of a black President?

I mean, yeah, definitely Major Garrett was only missing a noose and only regards Obama as 3/5ths of a President! That raciss cocksucker, how dare he ask a tough question of a Democrat?

* * *

...I think HBO paid the writers of Deadwood a dollar for every one of George Carlin's "Seven words you can't say on television" they could stuff into the script. "Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits!" They're all in there, every last one, multiple times per episode. It's fine since it's cable and decidedly not for children, but still. Al Swearingen is aptly named, for fuck's sake.

#4811: Progress!!

So, I got the fuel rail into the Fiero today, as I'd planned and hoped to do.

Besides that, I got the distributor in it, chopped down more foliage in the front yard, vacuumed out the Jeep, and cleaned up my workbench.

I now need to get some gaskets and/or gasket material; the biggest issue is the EGR-to-manifold gasket, which has perished. (It was perished when I took the EGR pipe off, which was itself broken...and in retrospect I'd wager that was the cause of my not-at-all good idle.)

Since I'm going to O'Reilly's on Sunday, for oil change supplies, I'll get the gasket then. Once I've got that I can start assembling the intake manifold.

In October of 2012, when I ordered shock absorbers for the Jeep from Rockauto.com, I also ordered two Fiero distributor o-rings. I was about to put the distributor back in and realized, Wait! I have new o-rings for this! I was able to find them without much looking, which scares me a bit, but at least I don't have to worry about an oil leak there. Every time you take the distributor out of a Fiero you should replace that o-ring, at least if it's been more than a year since you last did it, because that o-ring is all that stands between the upper lifter oil gallery and the outside world, and it will leak if it's not in tiptop shape. Over time an o-ring will shink and harden but it will also "meld" with the distributor boss, so the seal will be maintained; but if you disturb that communion, you'd better replace the o-ring.

That's why the car--with about 48,000 on it, in June of 2002--developed an oil leak after I'd taken the distributor out to replace the pickup coil. The original o-ring's seal, having been disturbed, was insufficient to the task, and a few days after I pulled that distributor to replace the coil I pulled it again to replace the o-ring. Lesson learned.

...I just hope that the mark I made on the distributor base was meant to show where the rotor was pointing with the distributor in place, because if it's not, I'm going to be re-installing that thing before I get the Fiero on the road. Moral: always write down what you did and why. But if I'm wrong, then all I should have to do is to rotate the engine until the rotor is pointing at that mark, and then re-install the distributor the other way. (The rotor pointing at the mark just as its drive gear engages the gear on the cam.) Inconvenient, but not too horrible. I hope.

Plus side: I had been smart enough to tag the injector plugs, so they're all on correctly. Finding the parts was not too hard, and once the paisajistas were gone I was able to check the injectors for clicky noises when powered. They clicked, so in they went.

Momentum carried me past the fuel rail, as I'd expected, and I'd probably still be working on the car now if I wasn't up against a lack of gaskets. It's a good stopping point for today; Sunday I've got oil changes to do and I expect momentum will carry me farther. Here's hoping.

Right now, I want a shower. I don't want to be all oily when my wife gets home. Even though the oily bird gets the worm.