August 8th, 2015

#4846: I have escaped with sanity intact.

I made it. It was assholes and elbows for six straight hours today--I ended up staying an hour over--but I left and didn't look back. I'm done with that place. Hallelujah.

Six hours at the counter with almost no help, no time to take a leak unless I begged a customer's indulgence; I finally managed to have my snack (oringinally intended for 12:30) after three. I worked continuously the entire time I was there.

Why should my last day be any different? Way to go, Best Buy, for making it obvious that I'm doing the right thing, here. Holy crap.

* * *

The Russian military relies heavily on engines and parts made in Ukraine, so it's no surprise that Russia is now having trouble getting engines and parts after they attacked Ukraine. This reminds me of Apple suing Samsung for patent infringement, thus increasing their own parts cost.

Life sucks when you're stupid.

* * *

Yesterday there was a customer at work who was mad at us that he had to wait because he was a day late for his appointment.

Explaining to him that his appointment had been for the prior day did not penetrate his dense cranial armor.

Got to love the idiots.

* * *

I kind of half-hoped that there would be a miggim in today's lineup, some asinine bully who gets his jollies by abusing someone who can't fight back; boy, would he have gotten a surprise!

But I'm glad that didn't happen, because this way I was able to go to work and do my job properly, putting in an honest effort and not being a screw-off. Heck, I sold a lot of tech support today, without half trying.

Never know--might want a good reference from them some day.

* * *

But! I'm really tired, and I have nine days before I must report to work at 6 AM in Bolingbrook. In the next week I hope to restore the Fiero to full function, because it's got to be done.

It's a party!

#4847: I almost hate to say this.

If Jeb Bush is the GOP nominee, and Trump runs Independent, I'll vote Trump. I am not going to vote for another Bush. I voted for the last two Bushes to run; I'm not voting for this one.

It's not just a matter of this Bush being even more liberal than George W. Bush, although that's a big factor; it's also a matter of the Presidency not being a hereditary position. There is absolutely no need to establish any family, let alone the Bush family, as a dynasty.

However much the GOP may want it to be.

I have an intense dislike for the budding (or not-so-budding, as the case may be) aristocracy in this country. The Bush family is a prime example of it, an extremely rich family with members holding (or "having held") all kinds of high government offices and a plethora of connections inside government. It's like a less-communist version of the Kennedy family, and I don't think I need to spell out what I think of them.

Trump will not be the GOP nominee. That much is certain; Jeb Bush is the GOP leadership's favorite dog in this hunt, and I would be greatly surprised if he failed of nomination. It's much more likely that we face (as I predicted earlier) another Bush-vs-Clinton race in this election, and regardless of who we get we will not see Obamacare overturned or immigration curtailed or any of a thousand other things that need to be done in order to pull this country out of the quagmire Obama has led us into.

Jeb Bush will nominate Supreme Court justices who are no better than Justice Roberts, the deciding vote in the cases that have left us stuck with Obamacare. His justices would be better than Hillary's only by degree, and on the crucial matters they would vote with the aristocracy rather than with the law and the Constitution. Exactly the way his brother's nominees do.

There is no remedy in not voting; that much is certain. But I do not have to vote for whatever shit sandwich the GOP presents, and if Jeb Bush is their guy, he won't be mine.