August 15th, 2015

#4870: I forgot to mention

Yesterday, around all my other errands I went to AutoZone to try to order the caliper. When the girl looked it up, she informed me that AutoZone could not, in fact, get that caliper.

Web site says yes but the computer system in the store says no.

"Perfect," I said. "Thanks."

Luckily I was able to get the one I have into working shape, because otherwise I would be screwed.

* * *

Today, we're going to see a show. Mrs. Fungus bought tickets to it last year, and today is the day.

Tomorrow I may end up doing nothing. It's my last day before I start working 6A-2P, and I think it'd be wise actually to spend a day relaxing and resting rather than working my ass off outside in the sweltering heat.

Especially considering how bunged up I feel after all the mechanic work I did this week. Jeeze louise.