August 22nd, 2015

#4877: The sad state of affairs

So that Subway guy turned out to be a pedophile, and his career--no, his life--is over. He's going to spend a decade or three in jail, his wife filed for divorce, he's on the sex offender registry, he's the target of public scorn and ridicule.

Over at Liberty's Torch, Francis Porretto was talking about the Ashley Madison adultery hook-up site thing, and he said this:
1. Sexually, ours is the least inhibited age since whatever period that was that Jean Auel wrote about in The Clan of the Cave Bear.
2. These days everything is permitted except pedophilia, under current law as it’s enforced.
Everything is permitted except pedophilia. For how long? A good look at the seamier side of the progressive movement reveals efforts to legitimize it. Already the playbook used to legitimize homosexuality and transgenderism is being used; the first step is to take it out of the realm of psychological disorder and call it a "sexual preference" and the shrinks are working on that one.

But as the environment has become more permissive something has had to remain taboo, off-limits. It's human nature. When a society is restrictive, it functions best if there are occasions when the masks can come off for a day or two. When a society is too permissive, the remaining boundaries become ever more strictly enforced.

There's no longer any shame attached to bearing children out of wedlock. No shame in being gay, no shame in cheating on your spouse, no shame in anything...except going after kids. And where that used to bear approximately the same kind of censure that homosexuality did, now people are expected to celebrate homosexuals.

When they're going to work on a stretch of highway for months at a time, they put up concrete barriers. Each segment is about eight or ten feet long and weighs several tons. They're placed by crane, lined up along the edge of the work zone, to separate travel lanes from the construction or what-have-you. When those barriers are taken down, they must be stored somewhere, and they are not stored in miles-long strings but stacked.

This is approximately what's happened with sexual mores. The barriers have not gone away; they've simply been moved and stacked up.

No one is upset at Jared Fogle for cheating on his wife. If Jared Fogle had cheated on his wife with another woman, or--even better--with a man or four, no one would have batted an eye. He wouldn't have gone to jail, he wouldn't have been arrested. But he cheated on his wife with underage female prostitutes. You can't pile on someone who's an adulterer, or gay, or a gay adulterer, but you sure as hell can pile on someone who's molested little girls and has a collection of naked pics of them!

And people love to pile on. They always have. Heaping derision and scorn on those who break laws and morals is an age-old activity for humans. Jesus admonished us not to do it, but we do, because we love to point at the fallen and sneer at how wicked they are, because it distracts us from thinking about our own sins: "I might be [adulterer/gay/whatever] but at least I'm no pedophile!"

Jared Fogle has pled guilty to the charges. He's a pedophile, and he's broken laws, and he deserves to be punished for his crimes. There's no question of that.

...but would there be this nation-wide approbrium if he'd been into boys, rather than girls? The reaction to the football coach at Penn State didn't seem as fierce as the approbrium attaching itself to Jared Fogle...and where Fogle merely had pictures of young girls, the coach actually molested young boys.

The whole "teenaged prostitute" thing...for a variety of reasons I do not count that as "molestation". If a teenaged girl is selling sex, she's not being molested. It's abhorrent that a 16-year-old is selling her body, but at 16, in most jurisdictions it's only statutory rape if the girl wants it to be. If she wants to have sex with a guy twice her age--for whatever reason, money or love--the cops can't press charges as long as she says it was consensual. It's crazy, but that's how it is. And notice that his charges include "traveling across state lines to have sex with a minor", not any statutory rape or molestation charges. He's not being charged with "having sex with a minor" but traveling across state lines to do so. That's only a crime because otherwise the feds wouldn't have any jurisdiction over such cases.

(If she had been 15 or younger, it would be a whole other story; he'd be facing sexual assault charges, too.)

The reaction to Fogle's perfidy seems extreme only because pedophilia is the only place we're allowed, now, to be judgemental. We're not allowed to condemn homosexuality, even when it's practiced in hair-whiteningly perverse fashion; we're expected to celebrate it regardless. (I am reminded of the row of commodes at the planned gay orgy celebrating Obama's election...with pillows under them for the heads of people who would be "receiving".) We're supposed to be horrified by a data breach at a web site which only exists to help people violate their marriage vows because right to privacy, not because it reveals that a lot of prominent people are cheating on their spouses. We're supposed to celebrate Bruce Jenner's decision to call himself "Caitlyn" and get fake tits sewed into his chest, regardless of how ridiculous it is. We're not allowed to cite facts about the toll homosexualty and transgenderism exact from those who practice them because that's "bigotry". We must teach grade-school children how to masturbate and junior-high kids must learn all about how gay sex works. We must let the unwed pregnant girl get an abortion, we must stigmatize her desire to give the baby up for adoption, we must give her lots of government handouts if she keeps it because we care about children, but we must never expect anyone to get married for the sake of raising their unexpected child because that's "punishment". It's perfectly all right to kill children in the womb and sell their body parts!

But anyone who looks at pictures of them naked must be destroyed. And I say "destroyed" advisedly; pedophiles are not preferred risks when incarcerated.

Ultimately, Fogle's life of ease is over, and that's probably just. He's a rich enough man, having been the spokesman for a major fast-food chain for over a decade; once he's out of jail he'll probably be able to find somewhere to live that won't involve cowering under a bridge. But that's if he survives jail, which is a mighty big "if". Fogle deserves to break rocks or dig ditches for a few years; as bad as his crimes are, though, he doesn't deserve to be raped and murdered in prison.

* * *

I really don't like talking about pedophilia, because I don't like it one bit, but every time something like this comes up I am struck with how hypocritical our society's morality really is, and I end up feeling as if I'm defending it. The mainstream really does insist that "Everything not compulsory is forbidden," and the list of "forbidden" is mighty small these days.

I'm not defending it. It's just that there are all these other things which we used to condemn and we no longer do, and it's only because some people--too many people--seem to think that morals are old-fashioned nonsense designed to keep them from having a good time. A healthy society will condemn those things. It's good and just that it does.

The main point behind morality is to ensure the continuation of successful and fruitful civilization. Marriage exists for that reason: over the centuries humans have discovered that children are best raised by a man and a woman working together in a permanent partnership and children coming from that kind of environment tend to be stabilizing factors in society.

If you look at the Ten Commandments, you see ten simple rules describing how people can avoid conflict and get along with each other: don't lie. Don't steal. Don't cheat.

Homosexuality, adultery, promiscuity, bastardy, pedophilia--all those things used to be bad, and arguably it was for the children, because what kind of world did you want to leave for your progeny? Did you want to leave an enormous public debt for your children, or did you want to leave them a house and some money and a leg up over where you were when your parents died? Do you want your kids to grow up in a world where public sex is frowned upon, or do you want to have to explain what that man was doing to that other man behind the dumpster in the park?

The problem here is that the pedophilia taboo is strong because we're protecting the children--but in fact it's only about protecting them from adults; we don't give a rat's ass about protecting them from all sorts of other stuff. Put a helmet on Bobby's head before you let him ride his bike and forbid him ever to try a cigarette, but send him to public school where he'll learn how to put on a condom, and to use a dental dam when performing analingus because kids will have sex anyway. Buy thong underwear for your twelve-year-old and let her put on makeup and dress like a much older girl, because your parents didn't let you wear makeup until you were sixteen and you hated it, but condemn the creep who looks at your sexualized grade-schooler because instead of looking like a child she looks like a very slender adult.

The old rules were consistent and made sense. The new rules aren't and don't. The pedophilia taboo is the last holdover (under assault even as we speak) and rather than see it gutted, I want it to remain; I just want the other rules back.

#4878: Bleah

Instead of sleeping in, I wrote that last post. *sigh*

Well, heck, I got to sleep until 7 AM this morning. I don't know what I'm complaining about.

..after going to bed after midnight. After getting up at 4 AM.

Today is Saturday, and the only time-critical thing I have to do is go pick up a prescription...and I have until 6 PM to do that.

So I'm going to put the motorcycle on its battery charger, and then hit the hay for a while. It's a nice day for a ride.