September 30th, 2015

#4925: Taking exception to the facts

So all the way back in April of 2011 I posted a bit about a nice image of Erza from Fairy Tail, with the comment that the image was an edited screencap. The artist had posted it on an image board with the comment that it had taken him twenty-four hours to "create" the image, and originally I was impressed with how well the style of the image matched the anime; only when I got around to a certain ep of Fairy Tail, I discovered that the image matched the style of the anime because it had been screencapped directly from the anime and cleaned up with an image editing program.

And so I commented about it here, of course; the guy didn't actually create the image at all, but merely photoshopped someone else's work.

So today--a mere four and a half years later--this comment shows up at the post:
Hi, zagtul here. Why did you make this post when you know nothing about it at all?
The reason it looks so similar to the screencap is because that's the only part you're right about. I'm pretty sure I explained my work process somewhere in one of my uploads but I'll do it again.

I take a screencap of a scene/character I like, then I import it in Illustrator (not Photoshop) and use it as a background.
Then you start by tracing all the lines with the pen tool. Add color, shades and all that shit.

The result is that you have a vector image that can scale up or down how much you like without losing the quality.
Keep talking out of your ass on your shitty blog though, I'm sure it amuses a lot of people. other words, he's screencapping the image and photoshopping it exactly as I had said in my original post.

I could, for example, trace Mona Lisa and "add color, shades, and all that"; if I claimed I'd "created" the image other people would (justifiably) tell me I was full of shit. Mona Lisa is an iconic image in our culture and everyone knows it, and any claim I might make to "creating" an image based on it would be obviously risible; to any reasonable observer that would be a derivative work.

It's no less true when it comes to anything else. Screencapping something--anything--from an original work that was not created by you and manipulating the image does not change the fact that you have produced a derivative work, not an original.

The post stands. The opinion stands with it.

* * *

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