October 3rd, 2015

#4928: Two hours??

I go back to bed for two hours and wake up with a splitting headache. WTF.

* * *

I only have to get up at 5 AM for work 10 more times.

* * *

Finished reading Oh! My Goddess! and it turns out nicely.

* * *

Once the ibuprofen begins to work I can start moving. Damn does my head hurt.

#4929: *sigh*

I don't want to work in the crawlspace unless someone else is home. It's such a tight squeeze getting through the bulkhead that I want someone else here, in case I get stuck and can't move. Someone in the basement could pull my legs and/or guide them to the stepstool and--if nothing else--call 911 to get help.

If I'm by myself, then what?

But I'd gone to the store earlier and got what I needed to fix the pipe in the crawl space; I measured the pipe as being 1 5/8, but could not find anything at the store in that size. 1.25, 1.5, but not 1.675; and in fact I'd bet money that there is, in fact, no 1.675 pipe, not for home plumbing. In all liklihood I measured the outside of a joint. I did that because that's what I could reach, via a narrow gap between two HVAC ducts; otherwise I'd have to crawl through the bulkhead--see above.

While at the store I'd contemplating buying a snake, but decided that the one I was looking at was so much like my wire fishing tool that I'd just use the latter and save myself whatever-it-was. (More than $12, that's for sure.)

Still, I decided I could work on the sink that's not draining, and take care of that, so off I went. Pulling the drain pipes apart wasn't difficult because they've got those wingnuts on them, designed for easy disassembly so one can unclog the pipes as needed. Everything went swimmingly and I got it unclogged; I didn't have to use my wire fish but instead found, under the sink, exactly the same tool that I'd contemplated buying from Ace. It even still had the label on it and everything.

Put everything back together, ran water, the sink drained the way it should--ah, but it's leaking from the joint near the wall, so I'll have to pull it apart and make sure I didn't cross-thread anything.

...and the pipe from the sink to the trap went rip. Just like that. It was about as sturdy as wet cardboard. Saying some bad words, I looked at the time and realized I had just enough time to get to the nearest hardware store before they closed, assuming they were open until 7. Changed clothes, got into the Jeep, hit the road...sure enough, they were open until 7, and it only took a little time to find what I needed. $6 and change later I was headed home, and it was still before 7 when I got home.

It was the work of a minute to measure the new extension pipe and cut it with a hacksaw; screwed it in, got everything tightened down, ran water, and it immediately began leaking this time. Water dripped steadily from the bottom of the trap. Well, was it the lower trap union, or the upper? Neither--where was it...oh, it's coming from the bottom of the trap!


Pulled the trap out and--sure enough!--it was cracked, so I decided I'd have to go to Menard's for a new trap. Hit the road in the Jeep, got to Menard's, got a new trap (PVC!) and a box of wood screws for the rocking chair, then got home.

Put the new trap in, ran water, no leaks. Finally. And it drains nice and fast, as it should.

I suppose I ought to take the other part of the metal trap out and replace it with the PVC one I just bought. But I'm not throwing it away; I tucked it into a drawer in the vanity, so if I need it, I can grab it.

The trap itself is so rotten I could push the metal in with my thumb. What a pain in the ass.

...so, pretty much, I've decided never to use Drano any more. The metal piping in the main bathroom is 20 years old at least, which is why it's deteriorated, but repeated applications of Drano over those two decades did not help.

Anyway, that still leaves me with the drain pipe to do, in the crawl space. Mrs. Fungus is home but must go to bed early tonight, so I don't know if I'll have a chance to get at it today or not. Maybe tomorrow?