November 17th, 2015

#4975: Well, made it to another "weekend".

It's my Friday night. I'm happy.

* * *

A bit jealous of Marko. What's it been, two years since he self-published and hit the mil-SF lottery jackpot? Now his stuff is getting its own graphic novels; when's the movie deal?


* * *

This is why Ace has a big blog and I don't. This secription of Obama is one reason: "This pathetic Chatty Cathy programmed to only say six different things, no matter what the input?"

* * *

Straight from the Huma's mouth, Hillary is often confused and requires repetition in order to understand what she's being told. "No, Hillary, this isn't the toilet. This is--this isn't the toilet, pull your pants up."


* * *

"...[I]f forced to choose between Muslims and Nazis, the Germans are going to choose the latter every single time".

You think Vox Day is wrong? Fine. I do not. I think he's right.

* * *

Steven Den Beste knocks another one right out of the friggin' ball park. Especially the update. Yeah!

* * *

Tomorrow is Tuesday, my Saturday, and it's supposed to be cold and rainy, which means I won't be outside working.


#4976: Time for chores

Today I don't have many. I have to go to the bank, the recycler, and the store, and then pay the property taxes on the bunker; that'll be it for my weekend. (Tomorrow I have to go shopping for some supplies, but that's tomorrow.)

It's a dreary day, but warmer than usual for mid-November. Last night if it had been about fifteen degrees colder it would have snowed; and on my way to work I saw IDOT trucks on the road, laden with plows and salt, as if someone expected it to get icy.

It didn't, which is good. Forecast says "snow" for Saturday, though. I suppose it has to happen sooner or later, but the summer seemed too short and fall was over in an instant.

The snowblower is accessible, though, which means it probably won't snow all that much this winter: I won't have to dig it out and then spend a bad half hour trying to start it because the carb flooded, and the 2-cycle oil I use has Sta-Bil in it so the gasoline it's mixed with won't turn to varnish.

Mrs. Fungus just asked me if I really need to run those errands today, and I suppose I don't. Considering the rain, maybe it's better just to stay home for once. Even if it means drinking diet Dr. Pepper instead of diet Pepsi for a little while.

* * *

Last night's ep of Gotham was pretty f-ing epic. There's nothing like seeing the nascent Riddler and Penguin teaming up. Ordinarily it's Mrs. Fungus' job to observe, "They're so evil!" but this time I was compelled to do it first, because holy crap.

There's only one or two eps left before their "autumn finale" and it's building up to quite a climax, and then we'll be waiting a month or so until the holidays are over.

* * *

Yesterday I opened the latest gas bill, and I just had to show it to my wife, because it was just so awesome to look at a bill which didn't have a past-due balance that was also a reasonable amount. Little by little we're getting caught up, and if I can just keep this trend going we should end the year in a halfway decent place.

Having to take Saturday off isn't going to help much, but as has been demonstrated it was the absolute wisest choice...and as has been noted, my bosses know I don't call off willy-nilly.

Incidentally, last night I was selected as a good example for a side-by-side with someone who's in training, so for a couple of calls I had a young lady who's in her first few weeks of classroom instruction listening in. That was kind of fun, in a way, and as it happens yesterday was the last day of my 90-day probationary period. I've been there three months.

It's a party!

#4977: How do you know an oil glut when you see one?

On Friday there's a major terror attack on a major western city, and gas prices don't rise in response, not even four days later.

...and my SF writer's brain just kicked in and pointed out all the assumptions in that sentence, things that make up the backdrop of our modern society...things which would have to be explained to someone from another time and culture. ("What does islamic terrorism have to do with the price of oil on the world market?" What a can of worms that is.)

All the nonsense from a few years ago about "peak oil" has been demonstrated to be just as farcical as I expected it was. The situation we're in now would be impossible if that had been so.

It all comes down to a question of will. I recently came across a Fungus post from a few years ago which went up shortly after it was announced that they'd discovered a three hundred year supply of oil under Utah. That's three hundred twentieth centuries' worth of oil.

That excludes the deposits found off the coast of Brazil, which that nation is having trouble exploiting due to corruption and fraud. That also excludes the known deposits in Alaska which are off-limits by government fiat.

Meanwhile, we're running out of space to put all the oil that's being pumped from the ground by an OPEC which is desperate to drive other suppliers out of the market, and in the process are beggaring themselves.