December 12th, 2015

#5001: And now, the muffler.

The Jeep's muffler has begun to...resonate...when I am accelerating. Prior to this there was a quiet flatulence coming from the muffler, and when I was under the truck mucking about with the driveshaft I noticed that the muffler was looking a little ratty about the edges.

Muffler from is about $28, and I'd need two clamps of the right size. I just need to make sure the exhaust pipe is sturdy enough; if it is, then replacing the muffler should be relatively easy.

Nothing is ever easy, though. *sigh*

Speaking of the Jeep, the latest fuel economy figure is much closer to 20 than 18, though I haven't run the numbers yet. This is after replacing the air filter and dumping in a jug of fuel system cleaner; also continuing to use Speedway gasoline rather than Shell. I don't get it, but if that's what it takes, oh well. It may be that Shell is selling E15 rather than E10, and it may be something else. I just don't know.

* * *

The other day I was looking at the sky, and thinking about how much I like the winter constellations. I want to get the telescope out and see the Orion Nebula, if I can, and maybe get a better look at the Pleades while I'm about it.

I still haven't stuck the disk in the computer and read the manual, nor have I got the thing set up. *sigh*

* * *

Well, tomorrow is Saturday, my Wednesday; and I've learned that Sunday is to be the choir's Christmas cantata. I really miss being in choir, especially at Christmastime...but my job precludes it. *sigh*

#5002: Pretty much anything tastes good if you deep-fry it

...which is why I'm eating the okra on this combo plate Mrs. Fungus picked up from Cracker Barrel. Oh well.

Today was long and I did not exactly enjoy myself today. There were no real idiots or boneheads, just an endless series of blah.

* * *

I'm linking this because of the statistic:
* When the killer is stopped by police: 14.29 deaths.
* When the killer is stopped by an armed citizen: 2.23 deaths.
When someone is bent on mayhem and his victims must wait for police to come, seven times as many die as when an armed citizen steps up.

That is an argument for constitutional carry, right there.

* * *

Bitch gets schooled which is pretty appropriate considering that the bitch in question is a whining fucking maggot from Amherst.

* * *

It's December and we're experiencing late September weather. I'm predicting no white Christmas this year, which is just as well.

Plus side, tomorrow is Sunday, which is my Thursday; and if I get up in time I may even go to church to hear the choir's Christmas cantata. That would be nice.