February 7th, 2016

#5072: The best part of the movie was Khadgar

So, Mrs. Fungus and I watched Annabelle this evening. It was boring. The most apprehensive part for us was when the woman was using her sewing machine and paying more attention to the TV than the task at hand.

But then we realized that Father Perez was played by the guy who did the voice for Khadgar in WoW.

Hear his voice in this clip:

And so we watched the rest of the movie solely because Khadgar is in it. How pathetic.

#5073: Home early again! Thanks, Super Bowl.

My entire team went home around 6:15 PM tonight. *sigh*

* * *

Trump has some serious class compared to the other candidates. Minus emphasis:
During the introductions audience applause drowned out the announcement for Ben Carson to come forward onto the stage. He didn't hear it, and didn't proceed from backstage. Other candidates literally walked right by him and kept going, with Bush going so far as to muscle his way past both Carson and Trump.

Oh, and why was Trump there with Carson to be muscled past?

He didn't take the stage when his name was called. He recognized what had happened and stopped; he had been called 4th in order (the podium order, you see) and waited with Dr. Carson as Dr. Carson was supposed to [precede] him on the stage.

The "moderators" realized what happened eventually, and called Carson again. This time he heard the announcement and got his round of applause. Then, Trump was called (a second time) and came on as well.
That's the kind of thing I'd do, too. Go, Trump!

* * *

"I'm having a sexual emergency!" That doesn't give you an excuse to rape a 10-year-old, you skunk. Send his pervert ass back to the camel-humping sandpile he came from. Shit.

* * *

Ted Cruz sounds okay. He'll do if we can't have Trump, I suppose.

* * *

But, hey--I have some time to go work on the basement, so why not?