February 16th, 2016

#5084: You know how it is, I'm sure.

Hubris invites Nemesis. But the thing about all that "Damn, I'm good" paraphernalia that clutter up kitch catalogs and novelty stores in mall backwaters is that none of it specifies what the owner/wearer is good at.

In the example thoughtfully provided by Borepatch, it might be that this particular person's skill may be at driving cars into ditches. Thus the picture becomes an example of WIN rather than FAIL and all is well.

And it might be that I am merely overthinking this, which seems to be my strong suit. Damn, I'm good!

* * *

Kanye West is out of money. $53 million in debt. The mind boggles.

It's never good to be in debt, but one of the classic problems that suddenly-successful artists have is--absent heeding the advice of their accountants--they think the money train never ends, and live large...and then suddenly, "Hey, where'd all my money go?"

I suppose all he has to do is go on tour and he'll be able to make enough money to pay his debts off, but that's not going to fix the root cause of the problem. And I just can't have any sympathy for someone who is so far in debt that two percent of that amount would fix all my fiscal problems forever. (Or at least until the currency entered hyperinflation.)

This is not a problem I ever expect to have. I'd like to achieve a modicum of commercial success as an author (maybe about the Marko Kloos or Larry Correia level would be splendid) but I'm never going to have a runaway best-selling following like a Clancy or a King or a Cussler. I don't ever expect to be rolling in dough--which is fine, as long as I can pay my f-ing bills.

So, yeah, not really sympathetic to someone who lives such a lavish lifestyle that he can end up $53 million in debt.

* * *

Karl Denninger is a Trump supporter, at least apparently. And here he talks about how the GOP is acting--which is to say, badly--and blockquotes the article he links to thus:
Donald Trump dramatically escalated his feud with rival Ted Cruz on Monday, threatening to sue the Texas senator over his eligibility for office if he does not retract alleged “lies” about Trump’s positions – and calling on the Republican National Committee to intervene on two fronts.

The billionaire businessman wants the RNC to pressure Cruz, and also stop allowing so many donors at the debates. If the RNC does not “get its act together,” Trump warned, they would be violating the “pledge” he signed to support the eventual GOP nominee.
I really do want to see whether Cruz is eligible or not to be President. The simple fact is that if Cruz has the paperwork proving that his nationality was declared "American" at his birth, we should see it. Just because the press was utterly incurious about Obama's questionable eligibility does not mean a GOP candidate will get the same courtesy should he win the nod; and if Cruz were disqualified on constitutional grounds, it would basically mean an automatic win for Hillary or Sanders or whatever crusty antique communist the Democrats eventually end up fronting.

Denninger goes on:
But there's more here that Trump has every right to be angry over. First, the GOP misappropriated his name and likeness to solicit donations for the GOP. They recently solicited donations allegedly for "Trump supporters" but the funds they were soliciting will go to the GOP generally, not to Trump's campaign, and they did it without his permission.

Absent some sort of formal agreement by Trump to allow his name and likeness to be used in this fashion that's an outrageous abuse and breaks a number of laws, including the fact that the GOP needs a photo release for the picture they used since it was used for commercial, not editorial, purpose.
That's the thing I absolutely detest about the GOP in particular and politicians in general: they sure as hell don't want Trump to win the White House, but as long as they can grab some free money using his name, they'll pretend real hard.

I really can't stand the GOP leadership.

* * *

Also from Karl Denninger I agree: all I need out of a TV is a display device. I do not need to use it to surf the Internet. I can use a remote control just fine and do not need it to listen for voice commands. It does not need a camera or a microphone.


* * *

Borepatch again, this time about the Left's war on science. Because any time reality does not support the leftist position, reality must be suppressed.

* * *

I--with a couple of interludes of wakefulness prompted solely by hydraulic pressure--slept until 1 PM today and woke up without a headache, indicating that I needed that sleep.

Ran the vacuum, did some tidying, got the donation boxes out to the Jeep for conveyance to the church tomorrow, wrote a blog post; now it's time for me to relax. I'm taking a vacation from the basement work this week, because last week I did so much I ended up feeling like pemmican. This "weekend" is for R&R, not work. I've decided.

...though I cannot help but hear the siren song of the work that needs doing, and last night I was giving thought to building a power supply for my MP3 player that would plug into the cigarette lighter power point in the Jeep's dashboard. It should not take much to regulate the typical automotive 14 V supply down to the 1.5V I need to run the MP3 player, and then I could just attach one of these things to the dashboard with velcro and leave it plugged in. The current draw ought to be so low that I could leave it plugged in all the time--this is a device which will run for hours on a single AAA battery--and it'd be more convenient than having to carry disks around.

The hardest part is making sure the power convertor doesn't overheat or supply too much current to the player. The LM371 is a common variable voltage regulator and I might even have one or two of them on hand. The output voltage is set using a simple voltage divider and it would take more time to get that ratio correct than it would to double-check the current draw and so forth. I even know how to get the juice into the player: get some metal disks and solder power supply wires to them. Attach these disks to a piece of dowel of the correct diameter and length. Presto, instant AAA battery shunt.

I'm pretty sure I could even fit it into a typical 12v adapter.

But that's a project for approximately whenever the hell I feel like it, which is not now. Right now, R&R!

ADDENDUM: Just as I finished this post, it seemed as if my monitor or speakers began emitting this hum, that kind of low-frequency sound that an amplifier will make if there's an issue with its power supply. I checked the speakers, I checked the Gigant-o-tron, I rebooted the computer, and nothing fixed it.

Then I went to the front door and opened it, and discovered that someone down the street is having their carpets cleaned today, and the machinery in the truck is what's making that low hum. That's fine by me.