March 20th, 2016

#5128: Necessity is the mother of invention!

So, last night--

Mrs. Fungus wanted tacos. I thought that was a good idea, and had to stop at the store for Pepsi anyway, so I got an avocado and some tamales and some ground beef. I splurged on the latter, paying a premium for a pound and a half of 85% lean. Leftovers FTW!!

Got home, made a delicious dinner...and forgot to turn the stove off. When I went to bed around 2:30 AM, the leftover taco meat--about 0.8 pounds' worth--was taco meat jerky.


Anyway, today on my way to work I realized that I could do something about this. I only need a reminder, something to jog the old noodle when fatigue and hunger dull the edge. It occurred to me that the stove uses indicator lights to show which burners are hot, and further there's another indicator which shows whether anything is on or not.

I could, I reasoned, tap into the voltage on that light, and use it to trip a 555 timer. When the "cooktop on" light goes on, that would tell a 555 timer to start counting, and if it reached 1.5 hours before the light went off (because the stove was shut off) an alarm would sound. For those very rare occasions when I need to cook something longer (such as when I make corned beef) a single reset button would reset the timer and it would go off after another 1.5 hours.

There is one minor issue: I don't know if you can get a 1.5 hour interval out of a 555 timer in one-shot mode, at least not reliably; I may need a different kind of timer to do it. That's not a show stopper or a deal breaker; I just go right to the 555 timer because it's versatile and useful, and I have probably half a dozen of them in my electronics kit downstairs. If the 555 won't do it, I can find any number of other one-shot timers that would--and probably not for more than a finski, shipped.

"Power"? I can build a small power supply that'll take power from the AC input; that's not a problem. (Just one phase, though. I don't need 240v.) But the circuit is a simple one and I don't need anything like a microcontroller to do this; I just need a timer and a beeper and some miscellanious components.

So I'm gonna hack my stove!! Pity I threw out the prototype board last year. *sigh*

* * *

Related stories:

Obama says he's going to finish ISIS off before the end of his term. That's January 20, by the way, of next year.

Lockheed is ramping up production of laser-guided bombs. Because Obama was going to bring all the troops home, remember?

* * *

Number 39,235 in the "we're in a frickin' DEPRESSION" file.

* * *

"It’s been warm, and it’s been cold. Believe me, warm is better." We will never get to the runaway state the warmistas fear, but we can easily get runaway cold because it's happened dozens of times in Earth's history. These periods of runaway global cooling are referred to as ice ages and they cover about 70% of the world's surface--not just the land but the surface--with ice, miles thick.

I'd much rather have warming than cooling.

* * *

The Trumpening is exactly the same as the Rabid Puppies vs Hugo awards. Exactly the same, and for exactly the same reasons.

Strength isn't endurance. A bodybuilder can lift a lot of weight, but he's not going to do it very much before he can't lift any longer. This has ramifications for politics.

* * *

It's very very big. Thanks to Og, I have this. It's emphatically NOT SAFE FOR WORK but it's hilarious.

"My dick's so big it lives next door." Words to live by. Or something.

#5129: Nice day at the in-laws'

Easter dinner a week early, and watching In The Heart of the Sea--followed by driving home in a near-coma and napping for an hour and half. Yeah, not bad.

* * *

Apparently Trump is a fascist. This might be startling to hear if the same accusation had been hurled at every Republican politician since 1945.

These people are idiots.

* * *

I don't ordinarily link to Ann Barnhardt but today I must because of the following:
Oh, and as an aside, but for the record, let me explain something about “speaking in tongues”. Speaking in Tongues is NOT babbling and then claiming that one has just spoken in a long-extinct language. No, that’s called CARNIVAL BARKER BULLSHIT. Speaking in tongues is one of two things. It is either when a person speaks to another person or people in a language they do not know. For example, if I went to China, and miraculously started speaking to Chinese people in perfect, unaccented Mandarin Chinese, presumably so that I could tell them about Jesus Christ and His Holy Church, THAT would be speaking in tongues. The other form is if I got up in front of a group of people from all over the world, and while I perceived myself to be speaking naturally in English, every person there heard me IN THEIR OWN MOTHER TONGUE. Again, babbling in an “extinct language” that no one understands (because it is actually just gibberish) is NOT the gift of the Holy Spirit of speaking in tongues. It is CARNIVAL BARKER BULLSHIT, and it really, really pisses me off.
Getting up in church and yammering nonsense used to strike me as faintly delusional, but it didn't really hit home until one of my friends commented that someone from his church wanted to teach him (!) to speak in tongues.

Now, if you're really engaging in glossolalia, you don't need to be taught how to do it. It comes on you, and you do it, and that's it. It's not the kind of thing one person can show another, like how to ride a hoverboard or play the tuba; God reaches down and taps you on the lips and off you go, as Ann says.

I am reminded of the story I read, some years ago, on a now-defunct blog, wherein the writer of said blog took a friend of his, an African missionary, to church with him...and when the pastor began speaking in tongues, it developed that the pastor was speaking an obscure east African dialect, and saying the most unholy things....

* * *

Newspapers whine about the decline of newspapers and I think this guy has it 100% correct: "Please shut up. Nobody feels sorry for you, and probably nobody should."

Oh yeah.

* * *

Little Big's "My Dick" is stuck in both my and Mrs. Fungus' heads, and today on our way to her mother's house we were coming up with new lyrics:
My car is fancy
My car is very fancy
my car's so fancy it has bling
I put on to it everything
my car's so heavy it won't move
it's smoove
..was my favorite, but hers was based on a package of candy in the checkout line at the store:
My double
She laughed quite a while at that one.

It's a silly song.