April 3rd, 2016

#5145: WTF weather

When I got up this morning it was 29° outside, so I wore my parka to work. When I left work to get lunch at 1 PM, I didn't need my coat at all. Ditto for coming home.

The temperature rose 35 degrees in five hours. Shit.

* * *

173 horsepower in a motorcycle. Understand, my Jeep Cherokee boasts 190 HP, and it weighs about four times as much as this motorcycle does. The motorcycle probably generates that 173 HP at some insane engine speed (10,000 RPM?) but the inline six in the Jeep would melt even if you could somehow get it to turn that fast.

I don't know how something like that keeps the dirty side down without active gyroscopic stabilization.

* * *

"Too much food". How long has starvation been a problem in the world? Now people have more food than ever, so much so that obesity is a real problem. Dang.

* * *

Land of the taxed out the wazoo, more like.

* * *

I laughed at this. It's good.

* * *

Okay, I admit I was fooled by the "reflected tv show" thing, but at least I didn't fall for this one, and for two reasons.

1) Apple wouldn't sell something more powerful than the Raspberry Pi for $50. What they would do is make something almost as powerful as the Raspberry Pi, sell it for $99, and claim they'd invented microcontroller prototyping boards.

2) Apple wouldn't sell anything that could be modified by users. It's not their thing. That's why you can't replace the battery in any iDevice. Hint: "closed ecosystem"; Apple doesn't believe in letting people do their own thing.

I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to radio astronomy, but I do know my computer hardware.

#5146: TEN YEARS

Can you dig it? It's been ten years since the first post of Atomic Fungus went up.

At 10:22 PM tonight it will have been a decade since April 3, 2006, and my first two posts were an introduction and a longish post on anime.

I just don't know what else to say about all this. But the anniversary post is number 5146, which makes an average of 514.6 posts per year, or 1.41 posts per day. We've had some adventures, some good times, and some bad.

It's a daily habit, one I don't have any particular need to shake; even if no one else reads it, I'm happy to continue to bang the keys and put up posts.

Atomic Fungus got started after I had broadband Internet service again. When I lived in Iowa I'd taken the plunge to get cable TV, and working for a high technology company had gotten me used to having access to a fast Internet connection which was always on. So I got a cable modem and ditched dialup; but when I moved back to Illinois in early 2004 I found myself with no disposable income and no way to pay for broadband, so I went back to dialup using NetZero...and there I stayed for two years, until early 2006, when I received confirmation that my job at Target was indeed permanent rather than seasonal. (It had been permanent all along, but no one had told me.) DSL was cheaper than cable--the bunker already had DirecTV and my parents weren't inclined to switch--so I paid the freight and got DSL...and didn't look back.

It was not long after that that I decided to try my hand at blogging...and here we are. My DSL connection has been supplanted by a cable connection that makes the DSL look like dialup, and I've gone through a couple of generations of computers in the meantime, but it's still me and the basic HTML editor and stream of consciousness.

Here's hoping for another ten or twenty.