April 6th, 2016

#5149: Damn it, who put this thing in? Gilgamesh?

Trying to get the anode out of the water heater--

Mrs. Fungus had an early day today, so right after she finished showering I turned the water heater's thermostat to "pilot", and opened the drain valve, and set it to draining. Came upstairs and opened the taps, realized I hadn't shut off the cold water supply, and went back to do that.

Tank's been draining for almost eight hours. I am getting some backfeed from the cold water at one of the house's faucets, so the bathroom sink has been dribbling continuously, but repeated checking of all of them has yielded no fruit. This did not happen last time.

Anyway, I made a couple attempts at getting the anode out. Approaching the problem from a different angle--literally--I was able to put a considerable amount of torque on the anode bolt, but I can't apply enough to pop it loose; there simply isn't room for me to get enough leverage. Might be time to invest in an electric impact wrench.

Looking at the "spare" anode, the one that I found next to the water heater, I've found that it's probably the original anode for this unit. I figure the plumber that installed the heater exchanged it for a flexible type. At least, I hope that is the case, because otherwise there isn't any way to get this anode out without drilling a hole through the staircase. Which--it apparently must be said--I'm not going to do.


* * *

April showers today.

Thunderstorms last night--not here, to the north of here, but close enough to shake the house--and steady, gloomy rain all day. Weather report was saying 1-3 inches of snow on Friday, but they've since moderated that to "<1 in" and we'll see how we actually do. Daffodils exploded last week, and they're a riot of yellow blooms despite the miserable cold weather we've had since then. I'm glad to see they've survived the 29-26° freezes we've had, but then again the ground has warmed up and it's not the first time ever that it's gotten that cold after the plants have started flowering. They have a routine to deal with that. The tulips, however, are proving a little more reluctant.

* * *

I have nothing else. I am tired. Tomorrow I must work. *sigh*

#5150: The model number that started it all

This post's number is the model number of the original IBM PC, and the PC-compatible ended up ruling the market and morphing into the "Wintel" computer (Windows and Intel) and finally just into the "Windows" computer we use today.

Old geezers (such as yr obt srvt) still refer to 'em as "PC compatible" when we forget ourselves.

And today is the day when I received my kit of Arduino clone goodies. There it was, stuffed in the mailbox, waiting for me to drag my butt out of bed and get hep to the world around me.

This is gonna be fun. It's got all kinds of stuff in it, sensors and LEDs and a remote control and jumper wires and breadboards. I've got an e-mail in to the seller now to get the schematics and instructions, but who knows how long that'll take.

Regardless, cool.