April 10th, 2016

#5154: I can't believe I got to go home

So work was from 9-5:30 today, and when I left at 5:30 I couldn't believe my good fortune: I got to leave on time, even though it was only 5:30!

...just a little woozy, still, apparently....

* * *

There is secret, and then there's secret secret.

Stuff in Hillary's e-mails: secret.
Valerie Plame's identity: secret secret.

In the former case no one needs to go to jail because it wasn't like the stuff labeled "top secret" and "eyes only" was really all that secret; it was just labeled that way because, uh, reasons and stuff. In the latter case, of course, it was a major security breach and required that as many Republicans as possible be sent to jail or possibly executed.

You see?

* * *

I knew this would happen eventually. Jim Butcher writes really good stories without so much as a hint of Social Justice Warrior crap in them. Until recently he was unharassed by the SJW crowd, but that is apparently changing now.

Fortunately, Butcher has (as one commentor mentions) achieved the "fuck you" level of success.

* * *

I like sitting in the back row. Back row's the safest place in the plane, no one kicks the back of your seat, and typically you have a little extra legroom. And--at least on "first come first serve" flights--you have a chance of not having someone sitting next to you if the plane's not crammed full of people. So you have to wait a little to get off the plane; so what? You have to wait anyway; people jump out of their seats as soon as the seat belt lights go off, then stand there waiting to move for 5-10 minutes--I'd rather just remain in my seat and relax until things start moving.

What's not to like?

* * *

Electric cars need a better battery and any such battery will end up all over the place, not just in cars. Lithium batteries are expensive and don't pack as much energy into a given volume as these new ones can. A kilowatt-hour per kilogram? Hook me up!

(Well, not literally, as I have a poor tolerance for electric current, but you know what I mean.)

* * *

For a change, work did seem to go rather quickly today, and I had a pretty nice day on top of that. No real idiots, no particular stupidity.

As I was getting to work today I was thinking about how--eighteen years ago--I worked at a job where I did not make a great deal less than I'm making now, and was able to pay all my bills on time and have money left over for fun things. "What the hell happened?" I wondered; and then I remembered what had happened.

Eighteen years' worth of inflation. That's what happened. Everything costs more now than it did then and I'm earning less than I did; if I were only earning as much as I did then it might be a different story, but I don't.


Plus side: I have faith that things are going to improve. They are; all I need to do is keep punching. Today (for example) I scored three positive surveys, because I'm good at my job and take it seriously, and all I need to do is keep on producing like that and good things will happen.

It's hard, but it's not impossible. WTF.