June 12th, 2016

#5233: If it had been a white Christian Republican, we'd know all about it.

News is mum on the political affiliation and religion of the creep that shot up that gay nightclub in Orlando.

Internet, however, says "muslim" and "democrat".

The waste of skin called 911 and told them what he was doing, and pledged allegiance to ISIS. This makes the worst mass shooting in US history an example of an islamic terror attack even if the news media is not saying so. "The shooting had nothing to do with religion," quoth the git's father, but somehow I get the idea that's not actually the case (see above, "ISIS".) Let me explain it this way: a lot more people than you would think are angered and offended by the sight of homosexual men getting it on in a public restroom. Most of them do not then wait until Ramadan to go shoot up a gay nightclub.

It's because of the NRA, not because islam is an intolerant death cult which commands its adherents to kill sinners.

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That Ann Barnhardt piece I linked yesterday is pretty thought-provoking. And when I think about it, I find that this is one of those things that I simply know to be true as soon as I read it.

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If you say "thank you" you owe CitiGroup $0.001. Man, what can't you trademark any more?

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"[The employment numbers] always are “revised down,” each and every month, and they have been for a long time." Because we're in a depression that started no later than 2008, and probably in 2000.

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An open letter to Katie Couric about her anti-gun "documentary".

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Now, last night it was just stinking hot outside, hot and humid; today--without any thunderstorms or anything--it's cool to the point of being chilly outside. So when I got home from work the bunker felt like an oven inside...and the AC had been set to 76°. So I opened the place up and now it's pleasantly cool inside.

Tomorrow, back to the upper eighties, says the weather report. I do love summer.