June 25th, 2016

#5247: TIRED

I would expect that--until things change at work--the bloggeratin' around here is going to be scarce Thu and Fri for quite some time.

Two things need to change: mandatory overtime needs to go away, and my team has to be moved back to evenings all week instead of being on morning shift on Sat and Sun.

This business of getting off work at 10 PM and having to be back there at 9 AM--and work a 9-hour shift on top of it--is getting really, really old.

Plus side, last night I actually got to bed at 12:30 as planned, and so I don't feel embalmed this evening. I may not even need a nap tonight!

* * *

Somehow I utterly forgot about city stickers for the cars. I remembered Monday, though, and got the new stickers on Tuesday, so now it's just a matter of applying them to the vehicles.

I'm glad I remembered while it was still June. The stickers are $50 until July 1, at which time they go up to $100.

* * *

George Will wants to elect Hillary, I guess.
If Trump loses at the convention, in spite of having the required number of delegates for a first ballot nomination, then Republicans all across America will smell a rat. Yes, it can be done, but it will be extremely difficult without fracturing the coalition that is required to elect a Republican in November.
"Extremely difficult", in this case, means "don't make any fuckin' plans."

Related. The ones with Trump on them will sell out.

* * *

Well, the sun is blank again--no sunspots--and it's been that way for a couple of days. Welcome to the beginning of solar minimum!

* * *

Today there was a really stupid guy I had to deal with.

Here's what happened: in May he demanded that we put him on the smallest possible data plan. So the rep did that--a 500 MB plan--and credited the guy the difference between the plan he'd been on and the plan he'd been moved to. ($80). And what does Buddy Genuis proceed to do?

Of course he then uses 10.7 GB of data on his mobile hot spot, because after all what else would you do?

...and when he gets a bill of which 95% is the $615 overage charge--incurred because he insisted on being moved to the smallest possible plan!--he calls us to bitch about it.

See, the smallest possible plan is a 500 MB plan, and it bills data overage at $15 per 250 MB. The 500 MB plan is for people who use extremely small amounts of data. They're not for mobile hot spots!

So when he ran up the 10.7 GB usage, that was (10x4x15)+15, which is $615. Naturally this bill was all our fault, because reasons.

Uh, no. Sorry. It's all in the remarks on the account. You don't get to piss and moan over how high your bill is, demand we lower your data plan and credit you the difference, only to change your mind after you got a big bill when you've been sent forty-two emails telling you that you were over your data. (Of course he "never got the emails". People never get e-mails, because that'd mean the overage was their fault. Hint: IT IS, SUNSHINE.)

To be nice, we offered him $100 back, but that's all. He made his bed, for fuck's sake.

Then he thought he'd be smart and tell me he wanted to talk to his lawyer, and he wanted to know if we had to give verbal disclosures about plans. I told him no, because he'd invoked the specter of legal counsel, I wasn't going to answer any questions, but instead refer him to our legal department. At that point my boss took over the call. I was not sad at all.

* * *

Anyway, it's almost dark and that sticker isn't going to apply itself. *sigh*

#5248: Other things

Bad names--besides "Latrina", Mrs. Fungus came across a beaut of a terrible name.


...yeah, perfect name for your daughter! Felony! Perfect!


* * *

On my way to work last week, as I drove down one of my usual roads, I thought I saw wisps of fog drifting by the edge of the road. In sunlight.

"Damn," I thought. "How humid does it have to be for there to be fog like that?"

Then I drove through one of the wisps of fog and saw thousands of glittering wings, and realized it wasn't fog but a swarm of friggin' mosquitos. In my defense, I've never seen a swarm of mosquitos like that before.

Today on my way to work I saw even more, and denser, clouds of mosquitos. The swarms are mating dances, visible clouds of thousands of bugs all getting together to lay millions of eggs.

Can we PLEASE! bring back DDT now?