September 21st, 2016

#5334: I honestly don't know what to do here

More work on the new novel last night--2.5 pages--and I dug out the source material, which helps. I found myself reading the denouement text of the Alternity campaign I ran in 2000, and would have kept going if it hadn't already been nearly 3 AM. As I got ready for bed I sang a parody of a Monty Python sketch I first came up with in 1982:
I'm a writer and I'm okay
I work all night and I sleep all day
I write dirty stories and I get my pay
And I go to the lavatory!
I do not, however, wear high heels, panties, or a bra.'s the "work all night and sleep all day" part that really defines how I work. I've been writing since 1979 and writing is what really turned me into a night owl. Although they were kind of cold and lonely years I still look at my post-high-school years with a kind of fondness, because that was when I really honed my craft, staying up until all hours of the night pecking away at my C-64 and writing reams of stuff. I'd always end a writing session by printing what I'd written that night, and that's something which has not changed now, though instead of the harsh, intermittent rasp of a dot matrix printer there comes just the single screech of the UPS as the laser printer's fuser switches on. And I have written here before about when I would decide to reprint something in its entirety and the printer would run for hours, and I'd be busy bursting forms and making sure the printer didn't jam.

The thing is, the source material is so good I'm thinking about merely editing it and including it in the story. This story really is a sequel, in the sense that it revolves around a specific set of characters, and to really tell this story right I need to tell at least some of what happened in the past. There are a thousand ways to do that, but I haven't decided if I want to.

My biggest problem is--has always been--impatience. I want the story to kick ass now but I need to set up all the ass-kicking before it can happen. Well, I'm working on it.

The theme of the story is "decline and fall"--somewhere in the story someone will start to quote "The Second Coming", and someone else will tell him to shut up--and it is sadly echoed by what is happening in the real world. Or vice-versa.

* * *

"The lights are going out in Europe." Someone (I can't remember who) said that how Jews are treated is the canary in the coal mine; the worse they are treated, the worse things are. Currently a poll says about 70% of European Jews won't go to synagogue on high holy days because of "security concerns", which is media-speak for "fine irish lads killing people in the name of allah."

Some openly predict a new interregnum. I disagree. Unlike Europe in the wake of the Roman Empire, there are several powerful nations in the world and an American collapse would not leave us without anyone to fill the gap. We might not like the shape of the new world but life would largely continue as it has, because America is not the sole bastion of Western Civilization. I'm also just optimistic enough to believe that a collapse can almost always be averted if action is taken soon enough, but the longer you wait the harder it gets until it does eventually become inevitable. I do not think we're at that point yet.

Putin understands. Reportedly he's said, "I swear if they bomb Russia, in half an hour every muslim will die." That is the tack to take when you are fighting savages who understand only one language. Our forebears understood that when fighting the pirates of the Barbary Coast; it's a shame we've allowed our remedies to savagery to soften so.

The savages themselves don't understand why their behavior is unacceptable. The muslim mayor of London is saying that islamic terror attacks is "business as usual for big cities" but it's funny how that wasn't really a feature of big city life in, say, 1970, 1960, 1950--we've had big cities for a long time but it's only in the past decade or two that "islamic terror" has begun to appear alongside "traffic congestion" and "muggings" and "higher cost of living".

A useful quote which is part of the theme of #Release_Candidate_One: "Civilization takes work and vigilance; once that's forgotten, the road to Mogadishu is wide and smooth."

* * *

Incidentally, if you change a baby's diaper in Arizona and you do it right, you're a sex offender.

When you change a diaper because it's soiled, you must clean the skin it was in contact with. Otherwise, "diaper rash" which--untreated--becomes festering sores and worse. In order to clean the skin you must touch it, with a washcloth or wipe, and with your hands; in order to make sure all crevices are clean you must move things around. If you have ever had to do it, you find that it's not even remotely sexual and most people regard it as a necessary but distasteful chore.

Arizona has criminalized this. Their courts have upheld it. If you change your child's diaper, you're a pedophile according to the black-letter law and you can be jailed for it.

* * *

Turning and turning in the widening gyre--

Oh, shut up.