September 26th, 2016

#5337: Well, that week is a bust.

After Thursday's debacle--and staying home Friday and Saturday--Sunday we tried to go to work, and it ended with my wife returning to the ER, and being admitted to the hospital. IV antibiotics, MRI, and so forth. I was at the hospital last night until 3:30 AM.

Right now I'm waiting to hear from her to find out if I'm bringing stuff for a longer stay, or simply going to pick her up.

Drove home from work as usual yesterday, had some food, then turned around and drove right back to the hospital in question. By the time Mrs. Fungus was admitted, I'd been awake since about 6:30 AM, which made it about eighteen hours. I couldn't drive home right away; fortunately she was in a private room (I'm not sure that hospital has any other kind) and it had a sofa I could sleep on. The nurses weren't surprised and asked me if I was going to stay the night? Offered blanket (which I refused) and pillow (which I accepted) and I managed a couple hours' nap, which was enough to get me home.

Mrs. Fungus herself insisted that I go home: "You won't get any sleep here and I'll need you to be able to support me tomorrow." I didn't want to leave her alone there but common sense prevailed, at least, over sentiment. And someone has to feed the cats etc.

At least we finally have a definitive diagnosis as to what's wrong: it is indeed some kind of infection. It responded very quickly to IV antibiotics. This has been an ongoing problem for most of a year (if not longer) and previous visits to the ER have only put a band-aid on it. Hopefully this will take care of it for good.

...but the result is, of course, that I missed most of Thursday at work, then all of Friday, Saturday, and today. Well, tough shit; my wife is in the hospital, for fuck's sake.

Anyway, no one is dying, and the problem seems to be contained. It's going to be a rough couple of weeks, money-wise, but that can't be helped, and of course we're going to have a load of hospital bills to worry about. But that's just time and effort, not insurmountable, and since we both have health insurance it's not going to be horrendous. (Merely $YEECH!)

Even so: