October 11th, 2016

#5349: Samsung throws in the towel

That's it: they've stopped production of the Note 7.

Reuters says they've decided to "scrap" it.

"Permanently stopping production."

Samsung will provide fire-resistant boxes for the recall.

I guess the Galaxy Note 7 will join the storied failures of modern technology.

* * *

The first word says it all: estimate.

First: when reading this kind of article you must define terms correctly. In this context (something bad happening due to "climate change") you need to consider the source. "Climate change", in this context, means "man-made global warming".

I said all that without reading the article. And here's the fourth paragraph:
Previous research has determined that wildfires are already worse because of global warming. In a new study, John Abatzoglou of the University of Idaho and Park Williams of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory take this analysis one step further by attempting to quantify global warming's influence.
Uh huh. And the sixth paragraph begins thus:
The human-caused trend was calculated using the smoothed average of a large group of climate model simulations,...
And so there we have it: the article claims that man-made global warming is making wildfires worse.


The "estimate" doesn't take any other factors into consideration, such as the fact that--for the last thirty years at least--US forestry policy has been to stop logging, stop clearing deadwood, stop clearing underbrush, with the result that there is more fuel to burn when something catches fire.

"Like all estimates, this one relies on some simplifying assumptions." Do tell! Such as the fact that man-made carbon dioxide is changing the atmosphere, at a time when CO2 concentration has been rising and temperatures have not. For eighteen years.

Here is my estimate: warmista horseshit.

* * *

So, when I wake up in the morning (8- or 9-ish) to hit the can, I've learned that if I go right back to bed and sleep in, I'll wake up in the early afternoon with a splitting headache. But if I have something to eat and then go back to bed, I won't. "With age, at last comes wisdom." I just wish it wasn't such a pain in the ass to get back to sleep after that. *sigh*

* * *

Ran the cleaning cycle on the oven the other night, for the first time in years. I haven't run the cleaning cycle because the door doesn't close completely, and the door needs to lock, and I thought it wouldn't lock right away--well, I realized I could lean a stool against it to keep it tight, so when it locked it wouldn't throw an error and stop.

I started the cleaning cycle, and it locked immediately. It made a lot of smoke--not surprising, considering how long it's been--so I had to run the exhaust fan and open the kitchen window.

See, this is the second self-cleaning oven I have experience with. The first one was entirely analog and it wouldn't lock the door until it had reached a certain temperature, and then wouldn't unlock until it had cooled down. (Bimetal strip, maybe?)

Anyway, not a big deal, and now I know I can do it when it needs doing. Now I need to wipe the ash out of it before I can bake anything, but that's a minor task.

That door--it was already twitchy, but in December of 2010 my niece let it drop open, and it hasn't closed right since then. I tried all kinds of things to correct it and nothing worked, so the oven light was on constantly. Eventually the light bulb burned out and I haven't bothered replacing it. I suppose I could pull the door entirely and try tweaking the hinges, but even after half-disassembling the damned thing it's still not cooperating, so I have my doubts about anything else working. (Yeah, I tried leveling it. I did that first. No go. Even with a slight cant to the back, it still won't close tight.)


* * *

Can't believe it's already mid-October. Wasn't it July a few weeks ago?