October 28th, 2016

#5362: Do you people even read what you send?

Communication at work, sent multiple times, explains what this week's "spirit week" events consist of.

"Wednesday: where you pink to support!"
"Thursday: wear your sports team's colors!"
Wednesday being "breast cancer awareness day", so if you support breast cancer, wear pink! (This is why I never wear pink. One reason.)

Monday was--entirely without warning--a "customer appreciation day" (as my employer is actually outsource for $Major_Telecom) so there were tables with vendor reps and free swag and such...and of course I got in at 1:30 PM as scheduled and promptly got chained to the phone until the vendors all left. Because fuck evening shift. (Today I was given a little folding cooler and Yet Another Water bottle with $Major_Telecom's logo on it.)

* * *

So, HIV came to the US from Haiti because of unrestricted immigration. Hurray!

* * *

Today I finally realized why polishing metal makes it reflective. Took me long enough.

You see, an unpolished surface is all /\/\/\/\/\/\ like--though not that regular--and photons striking the surface go off in random directions. The probability of a photon going in a particular direction (ie, "the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection") is very low with a rough surface.

But when the surface is all ____________ like, a photon coming from a particular direction is much more likely to reflect in a predictable direction, and "the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection" because of this predictability.

Like much of quantum mechanics, it's all about probability.

* * *

Speaking of Monday, I lasted one day working late, and switched to working early instead. I hated it. Of course, I'm going to really hate Saturday morning, but them's the breaks. Maybe this will finally motivate me to start looking seriously for another job.