February 17th, 2017

#5454: Love it when a plan comes together.

I got everything done today that I wanted to, smoothly and without drama. It was work but I got it all done.

Step one: go to Og's place to pick up trailer hitch for the Jeep's receiver. He said it would be in [location], and I found it pretty quickly.

Step two: rent trailer. No problem, thanks U-haul!

Step three: stop at storage unit to make sure everything's set for next week, which it is. Mrs. Fungus and I are keeping some of the furniture from Dad's house but we have no room for it here. Some of our other belongings will also go to the storage locker, solely to get them out of our way here.

Step four: go to Dad's house, pack up things to be saved and load in Jeep, then load trailer. Literally the hardest part of this was getting the big snowblower started. It's got electric start, the kind you plug an extension cord into, but for some reason none of the outlets in the garage work; I had to run the extension cord into the house. Got the thing fired up and backed it onto the trailer under its own power, saving my back and shoulder from having to heave the thing aboard. Which is good, because it probably weighs more than I do.

Step five: drive home and unload trailer. Pre-rush hour traffic was kind of annoying, but there were no problems. Took about ten minutes to unload the trailer.

Step six: drop off trailer. Again, quick and painless. Got the trailer in an hour before it was due, too.

Step seven: come home and unload truck.

Done and done. Best part: it was 65° today, record-breaking warm.

The snowblower is the antithesis of my one-lung deal. It's two-stage with electric start, and I expect the thing will handle quite a lot more snow than my little one can. I doubt we'll get enough snow this winter even to clear this thing's throat.

Next week is movers; the week after is the cleanout crew. We're hoping to have the place on the market by April, but we won't complain if that happens a bit sooner.

Meanwhile, besides this monster, Dad also had a one-lung Toro snowblower. I'm not sure what kind of shape it's in, but in the worst case I figure I could Craigslist it or use its motor for something else. He has about three or four weed whackers, mostly electric but one gas job. I'm going to wait to see what my brother-in-law wants from that, and may grab the gas one. Dad also had a bunch of pruning implements, including a couple of different kinds of pole saws. I took one, left the other, but might grab that one too assuming B-I-L doesn't want it.

Man, what a day. I'm tired.

#5455: The Trumpocalypse

So much for making the price of electricity "necessarily skyrocket". Overturning Obama rules that made mining coal prohibitively expensive. Win.

Bet Trump will sign this one. There was an Obama rule that forced states to fund Planned Parenthood; the House has voted to overturn it. Win.

Limbaugh called Trump's press conference yesterday the best-ever Presidential news conference, and reading the transcript I can see why. Win.

Oh yeah.

* * *

What a spineless, pussy-whipped wimp! He doesn't want to lose her, so instead he lets her sleep around with whoever she wants to...and he doesn't have the same privilege. So he must remain faithful even as she spreads 'em for any guy that suits her fancy?

God bless America, dude, MAN THE FUCK UP. Have some self-respect!

* * *

Wow. Just...wow. Vox Day presents quotations from John Scalzi's latest effort, and what is this I can't even--

Just go have a look at them. Holy crap. I wrote better than that when I was in high school.

* * *

Fred Reed talks about the left. Worth a gander.

* * *

702 miles on a tank of fuel if you get the manual transmission. Otherwise you're saddled with a 9-speed (!) automatic and fuel economy...suffers.

A steal at $27,000! Buy two!


* * *

Gobal warmenation theory!
So the theory predicts that California will become drier and that it will become wetter. Is there nothing this theory cannot predict, at least after the fact?
It's an ecological schmoo! It can do anything!

* * *

Tomorrow is Saturday, and I am going to sleep in tomorrow. No getting up at 6 AM to be at the shithole by 8. I can't help but feel a sense of relief at that.

And today I got a call from one of the resumes I put out Tuesday. If I get that job, I'm looking at a significant raise over what I was making at the shithole. Prayers appreciated.