April 6th, 2017

#5525: Incorrect.

The image here is of uncertain provenance, but it's wrong.

First off, islam was not the first-ever religion in the history of the world. That cult started in the seventh century AD.

Religions existing prior to islam:
Approximately 50,000 pagan religions
So, no, it wasn't the "first"; it wasn't anywhere near the "first" religion in history.

Second, islam was not the first monotheistic religion in world history. There are a crapton of those, too, but I'm going to concentrate on three which predate islam by centuries, if not millennia:
Judaism is thousands of years old. Zoroastrianism existed before Christianity did. All of these are monotheisms.

But then again, what's to be expected from a cult that insists on killing and subjugating people?

* * *

Yesterday I said Woodrow Wilson was the worst President of the 20th century. I wasn't kidding.

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Go go nuclear option. Intransigent Democrats get a taste of their own medicine. Hey: They wanted to eliminate the filibuster when it stood in the way of Obama's nominees; "sauce for the goose" and all that.

We'll see if it gets that far, of course; I have no faith in the GOP whatsoever. But this is encouraging.