April 23rd, 2017

#5554: Five pages now take no time.

Five pages were hard to write when I was still working my way up to this point in the story. Now I find myself rattling off five pages with barely any trouble. I get going, and suddenly it's 3:30 AM and I've written five pages and am starting to feel fatigued.

Well, this is an exciting part of the story.

If I were younger and less experienced, I know what I'd do: I'd stay up even later, writing more and more and more; and then I'd have to go back tomorrow and redo about half of it for this or that reason. Experience has taught me to stop writing when I start feeling tired, lest I screw something up.

Patience and discipline.

I'm having fun writing this; and I know that when I have fun writing something, people will have fun reading it. That's how it worked for $RELEASE_CANDIDATE_ONE, anyway, and just about everything else I've pounded out over the years.

Anyway, now it's time for me to proofread what I've written, and then brush my teeth and go to bed. I'll write more tomorrow, God willing.

#5555: If only the "five pages" post had happened one post later.

Well, that's how it goes.

* * *

The "March for Science" was, of course, nothing but pure virtue signaling.
The idiocy that "consensus" should end the debate is insulting to everyone who understands the scientific method and isn't driven by partisanship or, probably more likely, the quest for funding.
The self-same people who say that science upholds their opinions about things like global warming and evolution are the first to reject GMOs, which are beneficial to Mankind and wholly safe, and nuclear power, which is the only carbon-free power source that makes sense.

* * *

Antifa idiots now talking about bringing guns to their riots.

Antifa, if you start shooting people, the present tolerant atmosphere in which you perpetrate your horseshit will disappear. Which is to say, instead of the alt-right fighting back, you'll have the FBI all over your ass.
It would certainly put a psychological element in while holding fash back. Who do you think a fascist is more afraid of? People with only flags and bats, or people with flags, bats, and guns?
I can just see it: riot, alt-right and antifa facing off, one of the antifa guys brandishes a gun...and three alt-right guys take him down right there, pummeling him into the macadam, while the antifa guy squeals about how he wasn't going to shoot.

I know that's how it will turn out. I can see it as clearly as I can see the monitor before me.

Not to mention that it's not easy to legally carry a gun in California, as the Reddit screencap mentions. (Laugh: Ronald Reagan can do no good, not even when he does something the left likes, such as banning open carry of firearms.) I'd wager some antifa goons would carry illegally--they're certainly not worried about assault with a deadly weapon or felony rioting!--which would only make things worse for them in the long run.

Bad idea, guys. Leave the guns out of it. You don't like where that road will lead you.

* * *

Gee, a hypocritical Democrat. What a friggin' surprise.

* * *

Warmistas want to silence critics because the facts do not support their thesis. That's why you shut up people who disagree with you--not because they're wrong, but because they might be right and you don't have any way to keep people from finding that out.

* * *

This is an argument I learned from my mother. She was born in 1927 and grew up in the 1930s and 1940s, and saw first-hand the world switching from animal power to machine power. When she was a little girl, horse-drawn wagons were still common; by the time she graduated from high school they were less so, but still present. She told me about the flies, the manure, the stench in summertime.

She didn't tell me about the diseases, either, but the prospect of having to cross a street littered with horse manure was enough for my young self.

We live in a better, healthier, cleaner world because of the internal combustion engine.

* * *

Today's Oglaf is hilarious. The comic strip is really NSFW, but that punch line made me laugh out loud. Oglaf--as perverse and insane as it frequently is--gets a pass from me on those points because it manages to be so hilariously funny, and about 99.997% of the time even the comics I really like don't do more than make me smile.

I linked to this comic before; that one's funny enough that I laugh every time I read it.

* * *

Nice day today. I need to go cut the grass.

And I am still chuckling over that last one.

#5556: Well, that's better

Got the grass cut, all of it, and then hauled out the chain saw and did some much-needed pruning. There's now a sizable pile down by the driveway, and the next time I have to cut the grass it'll be easier to get the tractor around the house, too.

Most importantly, the damned sumac trees that were growing by the fence are gone. Those things were eyesores, and they've been eyesores for at least a year, and I finally had the time, energy, weather, and daylight to cut them the hell down. How nice it is to look out the computer room window and not see those stupid weed-trees standing there!

Sometime relatively soon I'm going to have to take down the birch tree in the back yard. That'll be an all-day project, though, so it's not happening this week.

Now on to the other chores I have to do today. *sigh*

#5557: Solarbabies

Solarbabies, ye gods.

Mom was always into roller skating after she re-discovered it in the early 1980s. So when a movie came out that shhe wanted to see, she'd have one of us rent it for her. This one had roller skating in it, so she had me go rent it for her.

But if there are two things which ABSOLUTELY DO NOT GO TOGETHER it is "post-apocalyptic sci fi" and "teenagers on roller skates".

Okay, I know what happened: some Hollywood executives were brainstorming movie ideas and realized that roller skating was really hot just then, and they figured that if they had a bunch of teenagers in a roller skating movie it would be a runaway success, especially since science fictional movies had been a big hit in 1985 (Back to the Future being the biggest, but there were some others). And Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome had come out the year before, and those science fiction things are always post-apocalyptic, right?

...and so you had actors seriously delivering lines like, "Stick with us, learn to serve the Order, and you'll achieve a decent life-grid." WTF does that even mean?

As a teenager, I knew that movie was doing to be so stupid it would make me cringe with embarassment for the people who had to act in it, and I really didn't want to see it. As a teenager who was himself into roller skating and science fiction, I knew for a fact that this movie would be absolutely god-awful.

And I was 100% correct in my assessment.

I have one inchoate memory from that movie, just one: someone, one of the (adult, naturally) antagonists screaming that he would "...get you, Solarbabies!"


Looking at the IMDB entry for it, I see that it had a budget of $25 million and it grossed $1.6 million. Oh, yeah.

Re-reading that craptastic line, above, reminded me of Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone, which was another movie I stayed the hell away from. Someone rented it; while it was running I stayed away. There is one line stuck in my head, just one: Molly Ringwald asks someone, "What brain-working?"

Looking at the quotes in the IMDB entry, I see this:
Wolff: [Having just kicked and further broken an already malfunctioning comms computer] The communicator is out again.

Chalmers: That's because we need a new auto-correlation spectometer... not to mention a new drive systems regulator, a freon activator and, of course, a complete scan systems overhaul.
Do you know what that is? That's technologically ignorant Hollywood writers stringing technical-sounding words together. "Freon activator"? "Scan systems overhaul"? What is this shit?


Anyway, I've got to go work on my life-grid.