June 3rd, 2017

#5637: Dang, that's an ugly noise

Having trouble sleeping--got to bed later than I liked, and woke up this morning too early--sitting here just surfing the blogroll and not doing much useful, when I hear this awful GROOOOOOONK from outside. Obvious mechanical noise, sounding like a hydraulic system with a BIG problem.

So I decided to go outside and drag up the trash bins. Put them out Thu night but forgot about the holiday this past Monday, so trash collection was today; and as I was taking them up saw the garbage truck on its southbound pass through the neighborhood. (Ours gets collected on its northbound leg.) Instead of using the big fancy robot arm, the driver was getting out of the truck and manually hooking the barrels to the lift on the side of the truck's front bin.

"Ah," thought I. "Robot arm has died."

I'm wondering if that's what caused last week's trash collection to be late? Certainly seems plausible.

* * *

Somewhere, I heard that when you dream of rain, it means you'll soon be crying. I'm tired of getting anxious every time I have a dream that it's raining, so in an attempt to verify this, I just Googed it, and found that according to a random sampling of the most credible-looking sources it pretty much means everything and anything.

It's one of those things, I suppose. Most of the interpretations are positive, though, so I suppose I should keep that in mind.

How to know to discount an entire site: one place claimed:
To dream that you are in a rainforest suggests that you feel your emotions are being undermined and "cut down". Alternatively, the dream represents your waking concerns about the environment. It may also be a metaphor of the impact that you have on your surroundings.
Nothing about the lush fertility of the jungle or anything; they go right to the econazi meaning, because "rainforest"="clearcutting".


* * *

It's warm enough at 10 AM that I decided to close all windows and set AC to go on at 74°. The weather forecast says today is supposed to be cooler than yesterday, but right now I'm skeptical of that prediction. We'll see.

Anyway, it's a nice warm summer day, and I have--as usual--everything to do. There may come a day that I will have time to fix my frigging motorcycle, but today is not that day. And tomorrow is going to be spent on cleaning my wife's car; I'm going to go rent a steam cleaner and get the interior taken care of.

I'm thinking, right now, that I'll set aside Monday for myself and my projects. And there will probably be some other horseshit that crops up.

It's true, you know: regardless of circumstance, work expands to fill all available time.

#5638: Go right ahead.

Democrat mayor of NYC makes an utterly pointless gesture. The goofball signed an executive order committing the city to the Paris Agreement.

That's fine. I'm sure that whatever carbon emissions NYC manages to cut will be more than made up for by emissions from states which aren't willing to cripple their own economies.

* * *

Sure is fun to watch liberals' heads explode over something one of their guys said. Bill Maher referred to himself as a "house nigger" and now the SJWs are demanding his head on a silver platter.

Completely oblivious to the fact that she's actually become a parody of herself and her position, The Root writer Monique Judge said, "He said 'nigger' with a HARD ASS Rrrrrrrrrruh, so that makes this extra offensive," as if it would have been perfectly fine for Maher to refer to himself as a "house nigga". Sure. Then they'd be bitching about his faked ebonic accent and cultural appropriation: "He's mocking a thousand years of African-American culture and tradition!"

She added, "His show needs to be canceled."

You'd think someone would have clued them in that Maher is one of their fellow travelers, but I suppose that only goes so far in this post-Obama era where Black Lives Matter (As Long As They're Black Thugs Killed By White Cops, But They Don't When They're Law-Abiding Black People Killed By Black Thugs).

Funny how the self-same people complaining about Maher using the word "nigger" on his show don't decry the hip-hop culture, even though "nigga" is every third word in every rap song emitted anywhere by anyone. They'd have us believe that someone saying "nigger" is a crime against humanity. Well, as the article says, "Does that mean the regulators will ban hip hop songs where it just happens to be the most frequently used word for 'commercializing' social anger, injustice and hatred?"


Let's not forget the time some rapper called Trump a "nigga". "Fuck, nigga!" his "song" went, addressing the then GOP candidate for President. Where does that fall in this whole spectrum of good/bad use of "nigger"?

(I actually don't have to ask the question. Black rap "artist", being critical of a Republican--the judges have ruled this a valid use. No penalty.)


The biggest reason leftists are up in arms about Maher's remark is due to the fact that it makes plain the actual way the Democrat party works. By calling himself a "house nigger" Maher has let slip the facade that there is some kind of division between the Democrat party and the leftist media. Also, the Democrat plantation is a place where you must always say the right things and act the right way, lest you be excoriated for your sins.

* * *

Overall, the general level of lefty head-splodiness has been rather entertaining of late. Can't complain about that.