June 9th, 2017

#5651: The cold, unappealing reality

"Wow!" signal likely due to comets. There's a pair of comets which share a cloud of hydrogen, and that hydrogen resonates at exactly that frequency.

Look: if we ever detect a radio signal from aliens, it'll be unequivocal, not the least because it'll be detected more than one time in 40 years and there'll be some obvious modulation to it.

* * *

An original Pollock or someone's drop cloth? That's the problem with so-called "modern" art. You can't tell the trash from the treasures without getting some kind of expert involved.

* * *

I guess one out of three? But they don't give "get out of jail free" cards to people who commit federal felonies just because they're white, so I'd wager playing it "pretty, white, and cute" wouldn't work even if Reality Winner were pretty or even cute. She's not. She's white, though, so I suppose she's got that much going for her, even if it won't help her case any.

Look, dumbass: you intentionally stole a top-secret document with the intention of giving it to the press. That's a little more serious than lifting a candy bar from a 7-11, and being "cute" ain't gonna help you.

* * *

Young man with gender dysphoria went on a shooting spree and committed suicide. Media ignoring the "gender dysphoria" part.

* * *

Today is laundry day. I'm not sure how many loads I'll be doing, but it'll be plenty. Whee!

Last night I dug out the battery charger I grabbed from Dad's house. It's very old, so old that the insulation on the battery leads was brittle. Bend the wire, expose more conductor--no. So I tore into the thing and got to work on it.

First, identified where + and - went, then removed the battery leads. Salvaged the terminal clips; they'll go on a new piece of wire. Second, had a gander at the power cord, and the exposed wires had the same disease as the battery leads. Removed the power cord, cut it back, exposed more wire and found it flexible, so I re-used the power cord rather than replace it. Had a bit of a time getting the strain relief back through the front panel, but the input side's done. Today I'm going to go get about six feet of 16 AWG stranded wire and finish the repair. Then I'll get to see if it works....

#5652: For crying out loud, be a man

Laugh it off. Short form: guy sent a tweet out which showed his web browser, and one of the tabs was hentai manga. His excuse: "Oh, my wife didn't believe that tentacle porn exists so my kids and I were trying to prove it...."

But of course when you put something on the Internet, it gets scrutinized. People looked up the title showing in the image, and it's not tentacle pron. (In fact, most hentai manga isn't about tentacles.)

Called out on the lie, the dumbass doubles down on it, claiming he couldn't find any tentacle pron on the Internet.

Apparently he was unable to type "tentacle porn" into a Googe image search. Don't click that link unless you want to see images of people--well, mostly people, some ponies and other...things--being violated by tentacles. Some of them are badly drawn, some of them are nonsensical, but all of them are stupid and disgusting.

Let me explain it this way:

Rule 34 states that regardless of what you're talking about, there is porn involving it. Every show on TV regardless of its target audience. Every book, every story, even characters from commercials. (Like Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials. Mr. Clean. The Gecko.) Cartoon characters from Mickey Mouse to Popeye to the Rugrats, Simpsons, and Rick and Morty.

It's pathetically easy to find anything to prove the rule simply by typing the title and "porn" into Googe. Finding it is not a problem. The problem is that once seen, it cannot be un-seen.

So, you left hentai porn open in your browser and, like an idiot, tweeted a picture demonstrating the fact. So? Laugh it off! "Yeah, I was reading 'Pretty Cure: Nagisa Futanari'. It's hilarious." WTF, it's not like you're the first guy ever caught looking at dirty pictures. Cripes.

* * *

Oh, I think I understand what's happening now. See, CNN was so thoroughly and obviously in the tank for Hillary during the last election, someone there realized that they pissed away a lot of credibility. They're a leftist news organization--BIRM, the damned thing was started by Ted Turner FFS--so it's only natural that a few people in their employ will wig out at the Trumpocalypse and do or say something actionable. All CNN has to do--they think--is to fire a few obviously unhinged leftists, and people will take them seriously again.

That explains Kathy Griffin, that explains the "Trump is a piece of shit" guy: CNN's just trying to get its credibility back. Good luck, guys.

* * *

Related: Kurt Schlichter suggests the media and elites stop pissing on our heads and telling us it's raining. "I keep trying to find the big Trump 'lies' and they always seem to end up being disagreements with liberal orthodoxy."

* * *

Problems with the car bubble. Prices are ridiculous, manufacturers are building as many as they can, and the market for new cars is beginning to fade. This is another bubble that will pop; it's just a question of when. And when it does, it's going to suck.

However, I wonder if I could get in on this? Leasing an electric Fiat for $69 a month for 3 years? Even with insurance that wouldn't be very much money, and its below-87-mile range is perfectly fine for 90% of the driving I do these days.

Nah. Once that bubble pops you'll be able to buy one for that much. Getting parts may be a problem, though.

* * *

Homo sapiens is more than 300,000 years old, much older than previously thought. Despite anthropologists having concensus on the age of our species? Why weren't the age-deniers drummed out of science and punished for their denial of the concensus?

That's what happens in climate "science", after all! And we're told that climate deniers need to be jailed! WTF!!!!!!!!11one-one

* * *

Well, how nice: looked up from posting, saw sun shining and moderate rain, went outside and saw a rainbow.

Today's generally been warm and more humid than it's been for a little while, so the AC is on. As evening began, we started having little popcorn showers come through. We needed the rain, though, and I got the grass cut yesterday, so I don't mind.

Went to the store and got six feet of 16 gauge wire. Hope this battery charger actually works, because if it doesn't, I'm out $6. If I hadn't recycled all that speaker wire....


So, hied myself to the garage and finished with the battery charger. Found that in 12v mode it manages 11.3v, and that's coming straight from the transformer. Replacing the transformer is beyond the scope of this project, but that's okay because in 6v mode it does provide enough voltage to charge 6v batteries...and guess what the dirt bike's electrical system runs at? (Battery charger does 7.6v in 6v mode, which is fine.)

That completed, I put it away, then turned my attention to other things. Had a gander at the MGB fuel pump sitting on my workbench and decided I'd see if it could be repaired. That took me another forty-five minutes, but after tracing the circuit I found that continuity was lost at the points. All it needed was to have the points cleaned up; I took them out and sanded them clean with 800 grit. That done, I reassembled it and adjusted it from a procedure I last read in 2004, and it works a treat now. Hook it up to 12V and it happily churns away, pocketa pocketa pocketa like in "Secret Life of Walter Mitty". (The story, not the idiotic movie.)

It's a diaphragm-type fuel pump. When energized, the solenoid pulls back on the rod, which displaces the diaphragm, drawing fuel into the pump. At a certain point the points throw over, breaking the connection, which allows the spring to push the diaphragm out, pushing fuel out of the pump. (There's a couple of disk valves to keep the fuel going the right way.) It's actually really simple, and the main point of failure is the points which--as I demonstrated tonight--is a pretty simple fix if you know what you're doing. This is a fuel pump which was replaced in late 1987 because it had stopped working, and it's been knocking around the garage for THIRTY YEARS.

Well--I still want to convert my parts washer over to something that will use an actual solvent, instead of window cleaner. This fuel pump will, strangely enough, suffice as a solvent pump. I just need to figure out what to use for a tank for the solvent, and plumb a drain into the washer tank, and do a few other things. The funny thing is, I have an older 5 gallon Jerry can which would make a spectacular solvent tank; I'd just need to attach a fitting for the fuel pump intake and another one for the outlet from the washer tank. How I'd do that depends on what kind of suction this pump has. As I recall, in the MGB, the fuel tank outlet sits only a little lower than the fuel pump inlet, so I'm not sure how far this pump can lift. I would not expect it to be very far. The output can easily push fuel high enough to force it through the washer nozzle, and fast enough to make a healthy stream--I know that from that time in 1990 the car died at the gas station and I pulled the hose off the carb to make sure I was getting gas--so I'm not worried about that.

I do miss that MGB, I'll say that, but it was long past time to let it go.

It appeals to me to make my parts washer's solvent conversion kit out of as much found material as possible. Using this fuel pump would be a major step forward.

Incidentally--this is the kind of technical acumen a certain test excluded. Heh.