August 18th, 2017

#5807: Home work

Paint prep! Ain't it lovely!

Big bucket of spackle in master bathroom's shower--that shower has not worked since 2009 at least and the spackle's been there since 2011--and it wasn't completely sealed, so it was a brick in a bucket. Tossed it.

Went to the store for a smaller can of the stuff, also a smaller putty knife and a mop that doesn't scrape what I'm trying to wash with it. A jug of generic Pine Sol.

Returned home and got to work.

I started washing the hallway walls the other day, but didn't have the Pine Sol, so I used window cleaner which was...inefficient. The mop was scraping on the downstroke because I couldn't get a good angle in there. It cleaned the walls, but it was a royal pain, so I decided to figure out another way.

Bought a new mop today and cut the handle down so I can swing it around with impunity. I did this because I have another handle, found in the garage, which I can use for reaching the ceilings etc. Mixed a moderately strong solution of generic Pine Sol in the bucket, and off I went.

Washed the walls, then busted out the spackle. Correcting a lot of dings and gouges and other issues took a while. While that was going on I took down the shade for the hallway light and washed it, and put a 100w equivalent LED bulb in there. Not sure what wattage was used prior as the printing on the bulb is all screwed up, but cleaning the shade and putting the LED bulb in really brightened things up.

On the ceiling, the paint is peeling in two spots. It came right off the drywall paper. No evidence of damage to the drywall itself--no leaks or anything--and the paper facing is completely intact. It's like the paint just gave up. Going to have to go get some primer, I guess, and re-prime those spots before spackling to bring them level with the surrounding paint.

Well--it has been about 35 years since this place was last painted. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that there are issues.

The generic Pine Sol does not really make the walls look clean but that's not my aim here, anyway. To be honest I'm not even sure that's possible, considering how long it's been like this. What I'm trying to do is just get the dirt and dust off so when it does come time to paint the stuff has a decent chance of adhering.

Gadzooks. I sure know how to party.