September 8th, 2017

#5841: Did it!

Got the kitchen ceiling painted!

I also got the supplies for fixing the wall; they cost me the princely sum of $21 with tax, including a 6" putty knife. I mean, damn: it seems as if construction supplies don't cost a lot unless you're buying enough to build an entire house. Which I'm not.

As always, prep took more time than the painting did. Washing and spackling and masking and sanding took more than an hour to accomplish. I taped plastic sheeting to the line of masking tape and then draped it to shield the counters and appliances from drips, then put down dropcloths on the floor.

The actual painting part took about twenty minutes.

Nice to behold: the place where the swag lamp's hook was, I mended invisibly, so you literally can't tell where it was. The ceiling looks nice.

Got new paint for the walls, as well, but that will wait until I've done the repairs to the dividing wall; then I'll paint the whole kitchen.

* * *

Have to give this a try for all those calls for "Roland".

* * *

Legendary sword found by little girl. Er, movie prop, probably.

* * *

Started this post last night. Got interrupted by dinner, forgot all about it. On to today's post.

#5842: 240 miles later....

Went and retrieved the kitten from the animal clinic. From this point forward, it's regular physical therapy, just range-of-motion exercises without trying to stretch. Two weeks, another visit for a checkup; two more weeks after that of PT and then we're done.

Left at about noonish, got home about 5-ish. 4.5 hours of that was driving to and fro.


Tomorrow, then, I expect to hit the painting and other work full bore.

* * *

Damned leftists mangling the language in an attempt to redefine what "citizenship" is. So they're calling illegal aliens "undocumented citizens", which is the most enormous pile of horseshit I've seen yet from those asshats.

They are not "citizens", undocumented or otherwise. They are illegal ALIENS and need to be deported.

* * *

...but I can't rest on my laurels, no matter how much I want to. Currently our kitchen has no light fixture, and I must remedy that. Off I go.

#5843: It's quite literally like night and day

Or "twilight" and day, anyway.

New fixture is the same as the one we put in over the family room. Went from a 4-bulb fixture in there to a 2-bulb; the kitchen's old fixture was the same style as the old family room one, but 2-bulb.

You needed 4 bulbs with that old fixture, because it was essentially a pie tin; a shallow dish about 3" deep with a frosted glass dish over the opening to diffuse the light, which was otherwise reflected straight down by the white interior of the fixture. To light the whole family room well, 4 bulbs were necessary, at least 60 watts incandescent (it was rated for 4 75-watt incandescent bulbs).

New fixture allows light to go all around, not just straight down, so two 60w equivalent LED bulbs (combined with an ultra white ceiling) is enough to light the family room as well as four 60w equivalent bulbs did with the old fixture.

Mrs. Fungus was so enchanted with that fixture, she wanted it in the kitchen, too. I painted the ceiling yesterday, which means I could install the fixture today. Just finished it.

...that was the biggest pain in the ass-- The one in the family room was easy-peasy. This one, I had to trim the mounting bolts twice (one I had to do three times!) and had all manner of trouble getting it assembled and installed. Had to put it in twice, in fact, because I hadn't trimmed the mounting bolts enough and the whole damned thing had to come out so I could do it again. (For the third time on the one bolt, I just did it on the fixture, and had to go get the Dremel to grind away a wild thread. I've used that bolt cutter to do this about 50 times, and this is the first time it gave me that result. Of course it did it with a bolt that I'd have to pull the entire fixture YET AGAIN to get at!)

Anyway, with the new fixture in the kitchen, two 60w equivalent LED bulbs lights the place like a football stadium. There's plenty of light!

Mrs. Fungus hated the swag lamp over the peninsula, so I removed it; with this new fixture in place, though, we no longer need the swag lamp. There's plenty of light on that counter and, in fact, everywhere in the kitchen.

The guy who designed this house must have had the night vision of a cat. The original light fixture in the main bathroom accommodated one 75-watt bulb, and was over in the corner. Even with a 100-watt bulb in the thing, that bathroom was not well-lit. The overhead fixtures in the three bedrooms were...adequate, being open fixtures that could take two 75-watt bulbs. But those have since been replaced with ceiling fans, and I need to find some good powerful LED bulbs in the right size, because those little 40w bulbs just don't cut it. Even so, we don't spend much time doing anything in the bedrooms that requires good light, so that's really a non-issue at the moment. When I'm fixing something at my computer desk, the desk lamp provides plenty of light for detail work.

The only original fixture that lit up a room well is the chandelier in the dining room--five 75w bulbs--but the attached living room has no ceiling fixture, so it had to throw plenty of light. The master bath had a mirrored medicine cabinet with room for two bulbs up top, behind a white lucite diffuser, so Dad had plenty of light for shaving, but the light was all concentrated in that corner of the room.

Basement originally had single bare bulbs in overhead fixtures, before it was finished; now it has a single two-tube fluorescent fixture in the drop ceiling which--again--lights up whatever is directly underneath it, but little light gets elsewhere.

But, little by little, we progress.

I keep thinking it'd be nice to install a switched power outlet under the sink for a garbage disposal. I was thinking that I could run flexible conduit from the switch for the kitchen sink light to the appropriate cabinet, then install a box there for the outlet. Replace the single light switch with a dual switch; top could be light and bottom could be disposal. The other thing I could do, though, would be to run power up from underneath, through a switch, to an outlet, and simply install a new box for the disposal switch on the left side of the sink. The hard part is running the flexible conduit from the junction box in the basement to the switch box in the wall; the rest is just fishing wires and making connections.

It all bears thinking about, but adding a garbage disposal to the kitchen is kind of a "last priority" thing, something that I'll do eventually, so it's not like it's going onto my "to do" list. That one's occupied with painting. And once that's done, there'll be a shitton of other things that I need to do.

The front door, for example; it needs a new screen (or perhaps a new storm door, though I'm loath to replace the one we have as it's a very nice wooden one) and most of the windows need to be re-glazed, as the putty has died and is coming out. Then the whole thing needs painting. The back door needs something as it's hard to open and close it, and the doorsill there also needs sprucing up. I want to fix the fence, and I want to rebuild the cupola on top of the house and then put the weathervane back up.

And it's September and winter is coming. *sigh*