October 17th, 2017

#5914: So, where were YOU?

"The system is broken!" Short form: "disabled veteran" from Baltimore is upset that his son, who is about to graduate from high school, tested at the 4th grade level in math and 5th grade level in reading. He's complaining that the school system failed his son and "a whole lot of kids" and "The system is broken. They need to stop and fix it".

It's true that Baltimore schools are egregiously shitty. But:
"I get so emotionally wrapped up in it, I just want to scream because how can this happen? How can this happen to him?" Able emotionally asked of his son, who he fears is being left behind.

When asked if this keeps him up at night, Able replied, "More than you know. More than you know. They have just dropped the ball."
How much concern did you express in prior years? Did you ever look at what your son was being taught when he was in third grade? Fifth? Eighth? Or did you assume: "Hey, he's going to school! He'll be fine!"

You ask, "How can this happen to him?" Well, while you're blaming the school system, make sure you do it in front of a mirror. You are the kid's father. You dropped the ball first.

* * *

Scammers are blowing up my damn phone today. I let it ring through both times on their first attempt, then blocked the number. Their second attempt, the ringer went "bloop" and quit--it literally rang for about half a second--then immediately the same number tried again, so I hit "ignore" and blocked the number.

Third time? The area code was from the Chicago area, but the friggin' prefix was 008, which is an impossible prefix. If you need to know why, go to your landline phone, lift the receiver, and dial 0. Hint: the phone system does not let you dial any phone number beginning with 00.

If the prefix is for an impossible number I know you're using something to spoof caller ID, and I'm not going to answer. (11x and 00x are impossible, for example.)

* * *

Maki got snipped today. I go to pick him up in about half an hour. To make things even more entertaining, he had one undescended testicle; no idea what that's going to do for the bill or the recovery.

Well, it's got to be done. 'Twere best done quickly.

#5915: Are you f-ing kidding me

Working on the computer room--

Og suggested using sanding screen for the drywall work, so I stopped at Ace to pick up one just to try it out. Sanding screen has holes in it; what you do is slap that onto the sander, then hook a vacuum cleaner up to the discharge port on the thing. Keeps the dust down.

And I need something really aggressive, because apparently I was on drugs when I did the patch in the ceiling and plastered the spackle on as if I were sealing Fortunato into his tomb. I got 80 grit. I'll zip tie an old sock onto the discharge port on the sander to trap the dust from that.

Anyway, I did a second coat of spackle to even out the rough edges and smooth everything over. I'll sand it tomorrow and then hopefully I can paint the ceiling sometime this week. Getting that patch finished is the only thing preventing that.

Turned my attention to the north wall, what I can reach of it. Old curtains (which I replaced, at Mom's behest, in 2008) were held in with the same stupid mollyscrews that the ones in the family room had been secured with. Why, I don't know; when you're framing a window there's supposed to be studs on all sides and this is right up against the trim, which ain't that wide. But whatev.

Cracks above and below window, spackled and reinforced with fiberglas mesh. Filled the holes where the mollyscrews were after drilling them out.

Did other work on the wall, what I could reach, divots and dings, etc. Decided to pull the outlet adapter off; I use a six-into-two adapter to make sure there are enough sockets for all the computer stuff. Unscrewed it, intending to unplug the UPSes and plug them right back in...only when I pulled the adapter off, one of the socket plates came with it.

Had a spare on hand, so I wearily shut down the computers, then went downstairs to turn off power to the room so I could replace the socket. Once that was done, powered everything back on, and we're good. Fine.

I did not get as much done today as I'd hoped, but I got most of the spackle on the S wall sanded smooth, as well as the other stuff I previously mentioned doing.

Tomorrow, once the ceiling patch is sanded, I'm going to work on the E wall almost exclusively, pulling down pictures and spackling. Make sure everything is good to go there, and then finish work on the N wall. The S wall is where Mrs. Fungus' computer is, and I'm waiting for her to pack up her desk stuff so I can move it with impunity.

Sure would be nice if I could get this room finished some time in the next week. We'll see how we do, of course, but it would be awfully nice.

* * *

Haven't we heard this from John McCain before? I don't trust him any further than I could comfortably piss a Grehouse AmeriCruiser. I'm sure he'd rather torpedo anything with Trump's name on it.

* * *

These things usually turn out to be hoaxes. So, until it's proven otherwise....

* * *

Tonight is chili night. First time I've made it in a while. Well--turned the heat on a scant week ago; I'd set the thermostat low because I had the windows open yesterday, and it was 66° in here when I got up to take Maki to his vet appointment. It's October and we have cold nights; now's the time for chili!