October 19th, 2017

#5917: Ah, that's what it means

Thanks to Facebook, today I learned that a word which had floated around my brain for a very long time is an actual word (from a foreign language) and it had an actual meaning.

Schildkröte was what bounced around in my brain; it turns out to be the German word for "turtle". I must have seen it in one of my German textbooks years ago, and forgot the definition, but the word stuck with me because it's kind of neat.

* * *

Jeremy Clarkson once commented that a Soviet Russian-made car needed gasoline imported from Finland "so it didn't have twigs in it". Venezuelan crude oil has the same quality issue as Soviet gasoline. Not "twigs" but water, soil, other gunk.

100% typical of a glorious workers' paradise.

* * *

Looks as if people are realizing just how inaccurate GDP is as a measure of economic health. Because it doesn't take borrowing into account, just spending.

* * *

Wyoming man who identifies as a woman raped a 10-year-old girl in the womens' bathroom.

Gadzooks. There's so much wrong with this I don't know where to begin.

* * *

Star Trek Discovery, boldly demolishing social taboos no one has demolished before. *rolleyes*

There is no doubt in my mind that some writer for STD wrote that scene thinking, "This is going to be just as big as when Kirk kissed Uhura!" Except it's not, because far too many TV series have already said "fuck" about a jillion times. (Such as when I referred to Game of Thrones as Game of Fuck! because they used the word so many times in the first couple of episodes. Also, whenever the ravens cawwed I'd say, "Fuck! Fuck!" as if translating them, in parody of the show's reliance on foul language.)

One of the reasons you do not generally hear foul language in Star Trek comes from something Kirk said in The Voyage Home. "Nobody pays any attention to you unless you swear every other word." The society in the 23rd century has largely evolved beyond the need for invective.

"Are you sure it isn't time for a colorful metaphor?"

No, it most certainly ain't, and it's yet another way in which STD is fail.

* * *

Today is Thursday. Hopefully tonight I will remember to take out the trash.

#5918: The last time, or second-to-last time, this year

Cut the grass. Haven't done it in about a month, but to be fair it hasn't needed cutting except for the fact that it was starting to get shaggy. It's one of those things which nagged at me but was outranked by all the "honey-dos" associated with painting the interior of the bunker. With all the rain we had last week, though, it was starting to grow again--so today I finally cut it.

Very nice day for it, too, I have to say. Can't complain about the weather...except for the fact that after completing the job I'm sitting here and sweating my ass off. *sigh*

I don't expect to need to cut the grass again this year. Maybe go out and grind up the leaves once they fall, but that'll be about it.

* * *

The latest ep of American Horror Story: Cult plumbed the depths of radical feminism. The hell of it is, that wasn't actually parody, because radical feminists actually believe that shit. I know (at least, I think) the writers thought they were engaging in hyperbole, but speaking as someone who thought he was engaging in hyperbole when writing a satirical scene, the script they generated is not a caricature of reality but a reflection of reality. The only thing they left out, really, was the overt Marxism--but it was in there, lampshaded.

...or maybe the writers knew what they were writing, and put true radical feminism on display on purpose. Maybe they thought, "People will think this is parody!" Well, it ain't parody; there really are feminists out there exactly like that.

Bonus points for getting Lena Dunham to play the radical feminist behind the "Society for Cutting Up Men".


The end of the ep caught me flat-footed; I did not see that one coming.

* * *

What is this I can't even-- Because we need to normalize demonic clown drag queens, let's let one do story-time at the library. For social justice or whatever.

That...thing...looks like a final boss from the new World of Warcraft expansion.

* * *

Related: Washington Post writer thinks she killed three people with witchcraft. WAT

* * *

Ever since I decided to hang looking for technical work and just try to find a job, I've actually had two interviews in a single week. But other than that, nothing. WTF.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong, here. Submitting 3-7 resumes per week ought to be garnering more hits than I'm getting, and I don't understand why not. As stated previously I'm not applying for jobs that I'm underqualified for. With degree inflation the way it is, I'm approximately qualified for every job I'm applying for, plus-minus a bit. Since I put up that post, it's been tending towards the slightly overqualified side, because it's manifest that no one wants me for my technical knowledge and ability, and I'm applying for straight customer service jobs.

The thing I'm afraid of: business A saying, "You're overqualified, which is why we won't hire you," and business B saying, "Well, you're underqualified because you don't know X," where X is something minor (looking at you, Pepsico, but there are others, I expect) and never any examples of business C saying, "Hey, you're a great fit! Come on and start working for us!"

It's terrible, and it's depressing.

* * *

Well--I've finished cooling down; time to do some more chores.

#5919: That made pretty short work of it.

So, that sanding screen I bought--

Turns out that if you cut it in half, it fits my sander exactly, so I got two sheets for the price of one. Probably the sanding screen is meant to be the equivalent of a half-sheet of sandpaper, and half of that--yeah. Anyway, it fit perfectly, and holy crap did it knock down the spackle on the edges of the patch. I sacrificed a sock and taped it over the dust collection port on the sander, and it seems to have kept the dust to a minimum. Nifty. I need to get a sheet or two of 150-grit now, because the sanding screen allows the dust collector to work.

There were still a few low spots that needed touching up. I did that; they'll dry overnight, and I'll expect to smooth it out with 150 grit, then paint the ceiling tomorrow.

As a bonus, the 80-grit seems to take the foam tape off the wall pretty handily, too. So tomorrow after I paint the ceiling, I'll finish spackling the walls; sand them and mask Saturday, and hopefully have them ready for paint Sunday.

Once this room is painted, I just need to complete the partition wall; and once that one's done, we'll see what happens next.

* * *

I've had a headache for most of the day today. Despite that, I:
Threw in three (four?) applications
Cut the grass
Washed the dishes
Cleaned out the refrigerator
Did some work on the computer room paint prep
I got a lot done today.