October 23rd, 2017

#5927: Well, hopefully that's the problem.

Mrs. Fungus' car--she hit the store for some sundries on the way home. She'd had an early day today, so by the time she got home she was exhausted, and asked me to go fill up her car for her. I did that; and when I did, it was raining, and the windshield wipers on her car weren't working right.

The intermittent setting just runs at normal speed, same as the low speed setting. High speed works normally. But if you pull lever to spray the windshield, the wipers will only wipe as long as you hold the lever and not auto-park. Further, if you shut the wipers off from wipe mode, they just stop in the middle of the windshield.

YouTube says it's a relay:

Hopefully, that's right, because I can do that. The exact replacement costs $3.55, and the first web site I looked at says $12 for shipping. *sigh*

...which is better than $90 for a replacement turn signal switch from Rockauto. But in fact it doesn't have to be that exact part; it just needs to have the same pinout and specifications--12v DC, 20A, and so forth.

I ought to be able to find that somewhere.

Funny thing: going to Googe for this shows up hits for all kinds of Toyota models. I wonder how many different cars use this wiper switch?

Of course, it could be an issue with the wiper motor itself, which would be a lot harder to fix. I'll try the relay idea first, though, because that's a lot easier (and cheaper) and if I'm wrong, it's not such a big deal.

Got to do an oil change this Wednesday, anyway, so I can have a look at it then. At least the wipers work, even if you have to finagle them a bit to get them parked correctly.

#5928: Marvelous technology

We watched Amityville 3D last night, continuing our viewing of that series of allegedly spooky stories. So far they've mainly been good for wisecracks.

The second movie had Diane Franklin in it; I know her only from Better Off Dead but she played a princess-type in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, and appeared elsewhere, obviously. The first time I ever saw her in a role where she didn't fake an accent was a TV movie called Summer Girl, where she played a psycho au pair.

The third one had Lori Loughlin in it. Mainly she's known for Full House but she was really good in Secret Admirer. I observe that her hair must've required as much maintenance as the Space Shuttle to look like that, even then. Also, this one had Meg Ryan in it, "Before she screwed up her face," as Mrs. Fungus put it. Heh.

I find myself wondering how many other 1980s teen movie actresses will show up in this series.

Anyway, one of the good things about the third movie is that it didn't follow the trope from the first two, where a priest is trying to convince others in the church that the house is evil, only the other priests don't believe him, and his superior tells him to take a vacation.

Me: "We're priests! We don't believe in the devil!"


I have this semi-inchoate idea about the secularization of the Catholic leadership in the wake of Vatican II (and in the first movie, Rod Steiger is identified as a "modern priest"), mostly fueled by things I've read over at Ann Barnhardt's place, so the idea of priests being skeptical about the existence of satanic forces does not strike me as entirely weird. Of course, the plot of the story required that the priest not get any help from the Church as the horrifying evil drags him down, but because of my prior readings it does have the ring of truth to it. (Of course, the first one was supposedly based on a real story. Not sure how much of that I believe, though.)

In any case, we're watching every one of them in order, except ones that require we buy rather than rent.

Which brings me to the "marvelous technology" part: Mrs. Fungus observed that we didn't need to go out to rent these movies; all we needed to do was to push buttons on the remote control. Several of them cost nothing to watch but what we're already paying for the service.

On-demand video is amazing stuff.

* * *

The other amazing thing about modern technology is that when I couldn't sleep last night, I sat at the computer and fiddled around, as always; but before heading off to bed I did some job-hunting, all from the comfort of my home office. I applied for three or four jobs at two AM, for crying out loud.

That's a damn sight nicer than how it was years ago. When I was starting my career, you had to buy a newspaper and pore over the want ads to find job leads, then get all gussied up and go to the place and fill out an application. If you were lucky they'd interview you on the spot; otherwise you'd have to get gussied up again for the interview.

For more professional positions, you'd mail--paper in an envelope with stamps on it--them a cover letter with a copy of your resume. I find it kind of hard to believe now, but I actually hunted for jobs this way myself.

I think it's important to keep in mind how much the Internet has changed how we do things, and to remember how inconvenient some things were before we had it.

#5929: Oh, shut up, you idiot

I mean Tom Hanks. (Autoplay warning.)

As is said over at AoSHQ: "Tom Hanks opened his mouth to attack [President Trump] over the phone call to the KIA soldier's widow and mostly halitosis tinged with bile was emitted. Tom, you're an actor. You say the lines you are given without bumping into the furniture."

Tom Hanks seems to think that--predicated on his role in Saving Private Ryan and producing Band of Brothers and The Pacific--this somehow gives him the authority to criticize the President on how he handled a call to a military widow. Of course Hanks is a Hollywood leftist so I'm not surprised he opened his mouth and "removed all doubt", but it's typical for major actors to think they're somehow authorities on something because they played one in a movie.

* * *

NFL ticket sales not doing too well. The one showing Soldier Field--I'll admit that the weather yesterday was not the best-ever, but it wasn't freezing cold and it wasn't snowing. A bit rainy in spots, not too bad...certainly not bad enough for the seats to be sparsely occupied like that.

But of course it has nothing to do with the asinine displays of the spoiled brat players, oh no!

* * *

Girls in Boy Scouts is, so far, a clusterfuck.
Our local scout master in Muscovy learned of the decision off Facebook, two hours before that night's scout meeting. He's not opposed to girls entering the BSA in general, but feels this announcement was an unwelcome surprise. He's already received two inquiries from parents looking to have their girls enter cub scouts, but politely informed the parents to contact the national organization for next steps, as he has absolutely no direction on what to do. And, it turns out, because he can't mix girls and boys in the same pack or troop, he can't help them anyway.
And so it goes.

* * *

Paint prep today; the walls of the computer room must get sanded, cleaned, and masked. There is absolutely nothing tempting about today's weather, as it's dank, dreary, and wet, so in all probability I won't even leave the house today. I'm expecting to paint the walls their new color tomorrow.

Last night I had an itch to tinker with the C64 a bit, but that's not anything I have time for right now. It'll just have to wait.

#5930: Akazukin Chacha

No, this ain't about the anime series.

Michael Flynn has the details. It's about a Latin reader from the 11th century, which includes a story named "Concerning the Girl Saved from the Wolf Cubs", and it's the earliest known version of "Little Red Riding Hood".

It's pretty amazing that so many aphorisms we use today had their origin so long ago.

* * *

The glorious world of masturbation. Not the actual title of a 19th century French book demonstrating the perils of self-abuse, but it could have been if the author had been possessed of a little more imagination.

One would think that if someone got to the point that he was puking blood and bedridden he'd no longer be able to wank it, assuming that he could even get it up through the headaches, teeth falling out, losing his hair, first coughing up and then vomiting blood, the sores all over his body, and general wasting.

Holy crap, those are all symptoms of radiation poisoning! Where the hell is this kid choking his chicken, Marie Curie's laboratory??

* * *

Welp, lunch is et; time to get back to work.