October 30th, 2017

#5943: A pleasant weekend at home

Mrs. Fungus had the weekend off--all weekend, for a change--and we spent it together. I really enjoyed it.

Got the oil changed in her car; I should do the Jeep soon.

* * *

I lost track of how many applications I put in tonight. I show six e-mails from prospective employers and/or job sites confirming my application, and I know I did at least two or three more than that.

Of all the applications I submitted last week, I received communication about one of them, telling me they weren't considering me for the job.


Well, something has got to shake loose soon. Right?

* * *

Bathtub faucet leaks. It's leaked for a while, but it's starting to get really bad. I need to get a new cartridge for it, but that will mean shutting off the water.

Plus side, it shouldn't cost me anything to get the replacement: Saturday I got the rebate card from Menards, for all the paint and supplies we bought in September. Comes to $38 and change. I'd expect the cartridge to cost about $20, and I'm certain I can find another $18 worth of stuff to buy, as we're nowhere near done with painting and so forth. I used 60% of a roll of masking tape on the computer room, and I know the other rooms will need masking, so I expect (among other things) to buy more masking tape.

I saw, on YouTube, a guy making a model railroad layout in about 10 hours using a single sheet of foam board and some other materials. I've been thinking it would be fun to set up the N-scale track again, and I could easily build a pretty nice little layout in about 4x4--half the sheet--and use the remainder for scenery etc. Then get some buildings and trees and so forth to round it out, as I can.

Well, that's something to think about after all the house fixing is done, but I can price the materials, at least.

A finsky says I won't get any of the outdoor work done this year; that will probably have to wait until next spring. But the interior is looking nicer every day, and I expect to get the partition wall done this week. Sand it and prime it; let that dry one day, then spackle as needed and let that dry for one day. Then paint; once that's dry to the touch (3-4 hours) put the woodwork back on and call it finished. I'm looking forward to that.

* * *

I need to get some finishing nails, too, come to think of it. I should make a list for that trip to Menards.

#5944: The wind is really blowing today

I wanted just to lay in bed and listen to it blow, but Mrs. Fungus went to work, and it's just not any good if she's not there too. *sigh* Why couldn't we have had this weather yesterday?

I love those nights when it's cold outside (preferably snowing) and windy like that, and we're snug in our bed with the cats. It's an old human instinct, one prompted by the fact that the people who stayed home on the nights during the Ice Age when the blizzards came were the ones who bred (what else will you do with no TV or Internet?) while the ones that went out in that shit mostly died.

* * *

Anyway, last night we watched about the first half of Stranger Things 2 and so far it's actually not an SJW shitfest, which is surprising considering what SJW shitsacks the actors are. The story is good, at least; though it feels slightly derivative of the first season, it's also a continuation of the first season, and that's a good thing.

Still not convinced that new character Max is not a typical SJW "girl who can do anything", like what's-her-face in The Force Awakens.

You know what? I call those characters "Haruhi Suzumiyas" because Haruhi is like that--capable of mastering anything at the first go--except that Haruhi is annoying, brash, selfish, inconsiderate, and sometimes downright mean. Her positive traits are balanced by her bad personality. (And the bad personality slowly improves as her relationship with Kyon goes on.)

But characters like Max are Mary Sues who of course do everything better than the icky boys do. So far I've not seen anything which suggests Max is not one of those types. (Dark Herald's review of the season concludes differently at the same point I am in the viewing.)

Paul Reiser got old. He looks like a completely different person.

* * *

This is encouraging, but there's still a very long way to go. In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, other scandals are coming out; and among them is the report that Kevin Spacey allegedly sexually assaulted a 14-year-old boy in 1986. This has resulted, strangely enough, in his series (House of Cards) being cancelled.


The latest Weinstein movie--some Amityville Horror extrusion--made a whopping $472 this past weekend. Of course, having seen the 2005 remake of the original movie I'm not surprised that latest one didn't do well in the theater; the release was shuffled and delayed and put off, and it really does sound like a C- or D-movie anyway...but to make not even a thousand dollars? Does that happen? How much is "shitty movie" and how much is "Weinstein"?

Meanwhile, the tide is turning in the whole "Trump-Russia collusion" thing. Today, people are being ordered to surrender to the FBI, and they're not Trump's people.

All I know is, things are happening, and they are good things, because we sure as hell should not live in a world where rich Democrats can get away with anything.

* * *

So, I am reliably informed that the new curtains for the computer room have come in, so I need to go pick them up. I've also got some other chores that need tending, so I'll naturally do them.

Before I go to get the curtains, I'm going to shut off the water and pull the cartridge from the bathtub faucet. Take it with me, and pick up a new one. Yeah.

#5945: Well, son of a bi--

Went to Lowe's to pick up the curtains which had supposedly arrived. Traffic--traffic was really bad, both on the way out, and the way back. I left here about 3:45 and didn't get to the Lowe's store until dark.

They were not there yet. I asked the woman why the e-mail had been sent when the order wasn't ready. She said the best thing to do is to call first. What the hell is the purpose of an e-mail telling you your order is ready to pick up if you have to call the store to make sure it's ready for pickup? And why the everlasting fuck couldn't they have just shipped the damned curtains to our home, instead of making me drive somewhere to pick up an Internet order?

Left there in a medium fettle, endured far too many idiots on the way to Menards.

Menards--do you know the single most expensive faucet cartridge happens to be the one I need? Actually I'm not sure if it's the most expensive, but it's gotta be in the top three. Either side, $8, $9; this one? TWENTY FRIGGING DOLLARS. It's for a Moen fixture, for future reference.

Getting it out was a pain, because you need a special tool to loosen the thing. I used needle-nosed pliers in its stead, and managed to extract it without breaking anything. I took the cart with me to make sure I had the right one, and I compared them very closely before making my selection.

Grabbed a box of finishing nails and another 3-pack of masking tape, because I know I will need it when I paint the other rooms in the house.

So--paid for my purchases with the merchandise credit which turns out to work exactly the same as a gift card, not a check, so I have a remaining balance on it which is still usable. If I'd known that, I wouldn't have bought the Mountain Dew. Well, I still have three bucks on it, so F it.

Got out of there, had to wait for a train, then had to wait for still more idiots on the way home--got home, put cartridge in, everything tests fine. No more dripping and--as a bonus--it's easier to turn the knob now. I think the cart was last replaced in 1994, so that's no wonder.

Should save us at least $20 on the water bill, making it worthwhile. The cats will have to drink from their water dish instead, though.

And getting all that done took me four frigging hours. Because traffic.

* * *

But! Tonight is pot roast night. With the cold and the wind it is the perfect dish for a night like tonight. I got that one started around 2 PM, so it's just about ready to eat.

Love it, how simple it is. Get a good piece of chuck roast--about two pounds--and put it in the bottom of the slow cooker. Salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste. Medium or large onion, quartered and put at the points of the compass. Fill the rest of the space with carrots and potatoes. A little more salt on the vegetables. Turn the cooker on and let it do its thing for 4-6 hours.

Enjoy. And you will, trust me. It'll feed 2-3 people.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus will be home soon. Then we will feast on pot roast. It will only be a little while. Still, I wish I'd had more to eat today than a PBJ this morning....