December 10th, 2017

#6024: There's a third one

Tweeting pictures of "empty" Trump rally which were taken some time before Trump actually arrived. Reporter had to take it down.

Is this the new strategy? Tell whopping big lies about the President--things which turn out to be obviously false, turning big stories into non-stories--in the hopes that something will resonate with the public?

It's wiser to assume incompetence than malice. That would mean that, in all three of these cases, the story as initially told was so very juicy--so perfect a weapon to bring down Trump or so delightfully bad for him--the reporter must have wanted it to be true with such passionate intensity that he didn't verify his facts completely. And if it really is incompetence and not "enemy action", it highlights a strange desperation on the part of our media.

Which I enjoy.

#6025: I never liked it, myself

But the SJW version is naturally worse. In truth, I never heard "Baby, It's Cold Outside" until 1992 or 1993 or so. It was the year that WLS-FM stopped being the FM mirror of WLS-AM, and started doing Christmas music right after become a country station thereafter. Their playlist of holiday music was tolerable, especially considering that few of the songs I really hate had been invented yet, and so when Limbaugh wasn't on I'd tune it in.

On my way to this or that customer, to fix this or that computer problem, I had the holiday music playing, and it came on. That was the first time I heard that song, and I took an immediate dislike to it. Rather than the song being playful and flirty, I thought the guy was being a bit creepy and...overly insistent, and as previously noted I dislike holiday songs which center on sex, anyway.

In fact this so-called "old favorite" had pretty well faded into obscurity, and only saw a renaissance when month-long holiday music playlists came into vogue. It being featured in Elf didn't hurt.

But the old song is really a depiction of how it worked back then: women said "no" a lot, and in such a way that the men kept coming back until they said "yes". Generally, if a woman was truly not interested, she made it obvious that she wasn't, and in the general case the man was astute enough to realize it and lay off. Most of the time, a guy would only keep coming back if the answer was "not right now" rather than a flat "no".

"We never end up learning what happened to the woman," complain the idiots. You doofuses, she stays the night with the guy, exactly as both of them intended from the get-go. That's why they chorus, at the end, "Ah, but it's cold outside!"

SJW asshats have no imagination and no sense of humor. The song (even though I don't like it) is essentially harmless. The funniest part of all this is that the SJWs in question apparently didn't bother to check the legalities of publishing a song, because they got a "cease and desist" letter from the song's owners. Like many of the left, their attitude seems to have been the typical, "We want to do this, so of course it's legal!"


* * *

If those stories making Trump look bad are indeed "honest mistakes", where's the comparable list of similar mistaken stories about Obama?

* * *

Universal Basic Income is, in fact, impossible without raising taxes significantly.
There are about 250 million adult US citizens. With the videos suggestion of $1000 per month per adult, that would be about three *trillion* dollars per year. The 2018 US FedGuv budget is $4.1 trillion, with $440 billion in deficit. The expenditures are $1 trillion for Social Security, $582 billion for Medicare, $404 billion for Medicaid. Replacing Social Security with a flat $1000/month would be a political nightmare.
The fact is that at least half the budget is social services spending--welfare--and UBI makes everyone a welfare recipient. As the article points out, you won't be able to eliminate the other social programs; imagine how unhappy the taker class would be even if they ended up getting more from UBI: "You takin' away my food stamps! How I gonna feed mah keeids?"

No, UBI would end up being on top of the current handout, which means adding $3 trillion to the federal budget.

It would actually be more than that. The post says "250 million adult US citizens" but we all know that illegal aliens get welfare, too, even when (or "especially when") they are not supposed to; figure forty or fifty million of them and we're looking at 300 million people, easy. And UBI would be a huge incentive for illegal immigration.

Won't work. Can't work. None of which the left cares about.

* * *

If California were rational, sure. I've said it before--big nuclear desalinization plants could supply all the water California ever needs, but nuclear power is icky, so they won't do it. (Forget windmill-powered desalinization. Okay?)

Here's the thing: a nuclear plant produces lots of waste heat. Enough that you could build a nuclear power plant which generated some modicum of electricity, and then use the waste heat to desalinate water. Right there you solve two problems for the price of one; you're making electricity and fresh water. Generating all that electricity makes it cheaper, which means electric cars become more attractive. See where this is going?

...but California is run by the left, which is not forward-thinking.

* * *

Delivering packages is harder than Amazon thought it was. As Brickmuppet sez, "Imagine our shock when Amazon packages started arriving right after Thanksgiving...en masse. It seems that delivering packages is hard and the stress and vexation of this realization is causing Amazon's newly minted employees to meet the challenge...poorly."

* * *

Today's task list is fairly small. I'm hoping to change the oil in the Jeep and clean the bathroom, and do a couple other minor things. Tomorrow, back to work. Woo hoo!