December 15th, 2017

#6030: Bah! Humbug!

Watched A Christmas Carol last night at the Goodman theater. Front-row seats. Extremely entertaining. Afterwards, some fine Italian food.

When Mrs. Fungus and I do a date night, we do it right, damn it.

* * *

Sitting in here, trying to write a blog post. Mrs. Fungus in the family room, supposedly watching Labyrinth but all I hear is this cackling.

"What is going on?"

Well, this is what was going on:


* * *

Nice day at work today, except for the fact that I think I caught a cold from the woman who trained me Wednesday and today. *sigh*

After about 4 PM it gets quiet in there, and on a Friday afternoon the calls are few and far between. For the most part I worked the e-mail queue under the watchful eye of the trainer, and got quite a lot done, and learned plenty in the process. I could easily and delightedly do nothing but e-mails all day if they'd let me, because there's plenty of them, and you're not talking on the phone more of the time.

Not how it will be, of course; I'll take calls and work e-mails between them--but this is so far and away a better job than my last four jobs I'm just loving it to pieces.

Today I needed to go out to pick up my paycheck (future ones will direct-deposit but this one had to be done manually) and there was absolutely no trouble about it. The manager in charge was fine with it--she offered to ask the agency to bring it, but I wanted to make a side trip to Fry's for a new switch for the home network.

New switch wasn't $20 with tax, and it's a gigabit switch. We'll now find out if the old switch (a mere 6 years old!) was the source of our network woes.

Anyway--had an incredible day. Just incredible.

Here's hoping it continues for a good long time.