December 18th, 2017

#6035: You know, it sure would be nice if I could access MY MONEY

Deposited my paycheck Saturday morning, and I still cannot use my damned debit card. WTF!

Meanwhile, got some good news about my schedule at work today, and I actually spent some of my shift working by myself on answering support e-mails. I'm starting to get the hang of this, which is good, because one week from tomorrow I start working by myself all the time.

* * *

Ignoring a pipsqueak. Eminem is a pipsqueak who piped up with a bunch of nonsense at some award show or another. Now he's disappointed that President Trump hasn't responded to anything he said.

Well, shit--he's the President of the United States and you're a has-been wigger, you buttplug. STFU and go away.

* * *

"How the fuck do you deal with this shit?" I'll tell you how: the exact same way right-wingers put up with lefty shit all those years. I don't know how many times I held my tongue when some anus started spouting socialism as if it were a natural law. Learn it, bitch, and HA HA FUCKING HA.

* * *

Little cranky due to being kind of tired. I slept well enough but, I think, not long enough. I don't know; maybe it's just Monday.

Well, tomorrow's Tuesday. The week is only five days long, and I've already got one in the bag. Hooray!