January 2nd, 2018

#6052: The coldest day in two years

Well, the coldest day since the end of 2016. Mid-December we had -3 temps, but then it warmed up, and it didn't get bitter cold again until this past week. Freezing, yes, but not cold like it is now.

There was frost on the latchplate for the front door again last night. That cold.

They say it's supposed to be 15° tomorrow. Maybe it actually will get that warm. I hope so; I'd like to run the Jeep through a car wash to get all the CRAP off it from last week's snowstorms.


Anyway, hit Harbor Freight on my way home, and picked up a 25' drain augur which ought to do the trick. I'll try it out after dinner and see how it goes.

* * *

"Shut up, Wesley!" Wil Wheaton's career is based entirely on being Wesley Crusher from ST:TNG. Let's face it--he never did anything else of note, and Wesley Crusher was an annoying, whiny bitch who should have been spaced at the end of "Naked Now" after the way he barricaded the engine room with his stupid science project.

* * *

What Hangman teaches kids. Heh.

* * *

Last night's roast beef yielded tasty beef sandwiches tonight. We ate them with corn on the cob. Win.

* * *

Anyway, having had a nice dinner, now I get to go play with my new toy. This drain augur cost $5 less than the one from Ace, and can be hand-cranked--no need to use a drill to power it. Exactly what I was looking for. And in fact I got the last one they had in the 25' length, so that's good for me. It was $15, but the cashier kindly and on her own initiative rang it up with a 20% off coupon, which saved me a couple bucks on it. Woohoo!


Now I know why plumbers charge so much.

...augur didn't work. Which is to say, I was able to run it all the way to the next cleanout (turns out there's another one after the pipe turns 90°) and then run it from there all the way to the next 90° bend.

It still takes about the same amount of time for the sink to back up. *sigh*

At this point I'm out of ideas. I know the clog is still there, and I know it's upstream of the second cleanout and downstream of the first. But I cannot feel any obstruction with the augur between them, at least nothing serious.

Next step: blow the bitch out. I'll get one of those "water weenie" things, like this, and try power-flushing the pipe clear. The blockage is obviously nothing solid, so hopefully water pressure will do the job.


Of course, if I had simply listened to the little voice that said "buy the water weenie too!" I'd already be doing that. But it's too late to get one tonight, so I'll get one tomorrow and give it a go.

Meanwhile, after cleaning up downstairs, I stripped naked and put everything I'd worn (two shirts, two pairs of sweatpants, everything) into the washer, and I came upstairs naked.

Mrs. Fungus: "Well, aren't you fancy!"

Me: *sigh*

...immediately got into the shower and hosed myself clean. So at least I no longer smell like drain-pipe grease. I've got that much going for me!

The nice thing is, though, that the pipe in question is 1.5" PVC. If I had to, I could cut it out and put in some new stuff and be none the worse for wear. I don't want to do that because it's a pain in the ass, but I could if I had to. Nice to know that I have some options here if worse comes to worst.

Hopefully the "water weenie" method will do it, though.

#6054: Oh, and KUDOS TO THE JEEP

As I said previously, when I left for work it was something like -11° outside.

I leaned in to start the Jeep, needing--for the first time in a long one--to scrape frost off the windows. The engine cranked over slow: RRRRRRRRRRRUUWWW...RRRRUWW...RRRRRRRRRRUUUWWUWWW...and then fired up.

I have never--NOT EVER--heard a vehicle turn over that slowly and start. I mean, if it hadn't started, it would have made me late, because I would have had to hook it to the charger or the booster pack or Mrs. Fungus' car to get it started, but I would have gotten to work today. Maybe fifteen minutes, maybe a bit more. But I wasn't.

Because she started on the first try.

I was amazed, I'll admit it. I wasn't expecting her to start; it was too cold and I (foolishly) had not started her once since parking her Saturday night after getting home from work. And that block heater I keep thinking every winter that I want to install still hasn't been installed. (O'Reilly's has a nice one that goes in the lower radiator hose. Probably take about fifteen minutes to put it in...once you drain the coolant and-and-and. Which I don't want to do in winter.) I was planning to try it, fail, hook her up to the charger, go back in, call the attendance line and say I'd be late, and then go back outside and try again.

And I didn't have to do any of that, because apparently Jeeps are made of sterner stuff.

(Mrs. Fungus has gotten some good use from the remote starter I bought for her for Christmas last year. Hopefully this summer I can remember to put the block heater in the thing for next winter.)