January 18th, 2018

#6074: Finding things

I found a way to use a PCI-E video card in El-Hazard!

It only costs $157, which is about as much as the computer cost. Whee!



I have a Big Trak and I always wondered about the hardware. Turns out it's got a 4-bit microcontroller with 32 bytes of RAM and 512 bytes of ROM. (Since it's a 4-bit device, that translates to 64 and 1,024 locations, respectively...but a byte is 8 bits.)

It's an interesting look into the hardware of an early 1980s electronic toy.

* * *

If it's Chicago, Amazon is run by idiots. Illinois is a shithole.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus is out with her friend S, seeing Wicked, which I didn't want to see because I have an intense dislike for taking classic villains and turning them into protagonists.

...and what am I most likely to do on this night of baching it? Play WoW, of course. Whee!