February 8th, 2018

#6097: We may or may not be snowed in tomorrow.

Right now it's looking like "not", as the weatherman says we're going to be on the low side of the "6-12 inches" scale they set for tonight's "winter storm".

So, I guess we'll see how we do. Friday was supposed to be the big snow day, but the last weather report I saw said the snow will end perhaps around noonish here in the Fungal Vale.


* * *

Today was pretty rough. There was a company-wide meeting thing taking place; they had two sessions of it and for each session half the call center was gone. Of course, for the early session, most of the guys who handle corporate calls went, leaving approximately ME in charge of corporate calls.

I was so f-ing busy--

Things didn't, in fact, calm down until after 5 PM, but then it underwent the good old inverse step function and virtually stopped. By 6 PM I think I was just about the only person left in the center.

The snow had started by then. The drive home was above the speed limit, though, so that wasn't a problem.

* * *

Kitchen sink is draining very slowly again. I suppose if I do stay home Friday, because of the snow, I can make a widget for the snake that'll slice up the goo clogging the pipe, and then handle that nonsense. *sigh*

Could be worse, I suppose.