February 22nd, 2018

#6112: Just shut up already

Pile all that marxist-feminist claptrap into your Prius and take it on a long drive off a short pier. This worthless extrusion of a person has done nothing in her life but criticize and demean. She's never produced anything of value. She's a waste of resources.

People like her are do not have the right to be critical of people who actually do useful things.

* * *

Turns out that school in Florida had an armed guard. Where was he during the shooting? Hiding out in the parking lot.

I'm not sure what an "armed resource deputy" is, but the Broward County Sheriff seems convinced that this "armed resource deputy"'s job was to confront and neutralize the threat inside the school.

So here we are: neither the FBI, nor the Broward County Sheriff, nor the deputy on duty at the school, did anything to prevent this tragedy. This maniac who had a history of holding guns to other peoples' heads was able to commit his atrocity because of the failures of law enforcement.

* * *

Yes, this. People want to raise the age for gun ownership to 21. They can do that if they raise the age for everything else to 21 as Karl Denninger outlines there. I think that's a magnificent idea.

21, 18, 16, what-the-fuck-ever.

* * *

I KNEW it. South Africa is where Zimbabwe was about 30 years ago. They're going to do the same things Zimbabwe did, and they're going to follow the same trajectory, and guess what? The outcome is not due to "whites are raciss".

* * *

Is it wrong of me that I would like to see this happen? Trump's talking about pulling federal Immigrations and Customs enforcement out of California entirely, because the results would have those commie asshats begging the feds to come back and enforce the law again.

It would certainly change their minds about "sanctuary cities" when mexican gangs ran amok.

* * *

What I don't like about work, the one thing, is the damned chairs. The chairs feel like they were designed by Torquemada; it's tiring just to sit in the damned things--and when I get into my truck it feels like I'm sitting in an easy chair, and then I get all sleepy on the way home.

I've adjusted my desk chair as much as I can, but it's still not comfortable.

It drives me absolutely batty--getting googly-eyed halfway home, struggling to stay awake, fighting sleep and literally slapping myself in the face to keep from nodding off. Shit.


It would have been nice to have stayed home today, let me tell you. Mrs. Fungus had an extra day off, and I would have loved to have stayed here with her. It was not to be, though.

Oh well.