March 25th, 2018

#6145: That "fist in the air" thing is a socialist salute

The Democrat shill for gun control stands there with a truculent look on his face and a fist in the air, not realizing he's echoing a hundred years of murder and oppression with that one gesture. Or, worse, maybe he does know. Hard to say; I expect he just gave that raised fist because one of his handlers told him to, not because he knows any history or anything.

That's not the Nazi salute; the Nazi salute has the hand extended, not closed. The raised fist is communist, not National Socialist. If you'd "heil"ed Hitler in Nazi Germany with that raised fist, even money whether they would have cut it off before shooting you. Leftist radicals use that salute whenever they can, and of course the leftist black radicals adopted it as a "black power" sigil.

But the ideology is essentially the same: government in complete control of the populace, which has no rights whatsoever. Ironically enough, this pig-ignorant kid is advocating exactly that.

Then he's unhappy when he finds out what that means, exactly. Clear backpacks and ID badges for all students at his school, whether he likes it or not, because that is where his incontinent need for safety leads. Clear backpacks infringe on your constitutional rights? Son, you don't have any constitutional rights if the second amendment goes away; once government has a precedent for abrogating one of those rights, the rest will fall like dominoes. You might want to think that over a little bit. You know that old line about trading liberty for safety? Once you give up your liberty, you will never be safe. There's at least 100,000,000 people who could tell you that, if they hadn't been murdered by their own governments.

* * *

Speaking of wholesale murder, Francis Porretto puts up a post about South Africa and Zimbabwe and the correlation between the two. The thing I found most interesting was how citizens of Zimbabwe now wish that whites were in charge again, because at least with whites running the show there was food.

I know there are plenty of people out there who will look at my last discussion of this sitution and accuse me of being racist and claim that no one would vote for what happened to Zimbabwe, but I'm not just saying this in a vacuum:
It was, after all, black Rhodesians who brought about the transformation of prosperous Rhodesia into Robert Mugabe's hellish Zimbabwe. Once blacks were enfranchised, they voted for it en masse. The destruction of Rhodesia's prosperity was also accomplished by black Rhodesians / Zimbabweans. Now that they lament the fruits of their willfulness, would they recant on their demands?
Hell no. It's not their fault; it's colonialism. You see, if it hadn't been for white colonialism, Africans would have colonized Alpha Centauri by now; but white colonialism and racism interrupted their progress and ruined their chances for civilization, so now the white world must pay.

Because this kind of nonsense is what passes for thought in those circles, it is entirely too easy to know what they will say.

* * *

Over on YouTube I saw "Top 10 Worst Voyager Episodes", and thought, "How can you pick just ten?"

It got me to thinking about that series, and ep that very nearly made me stop watching it entirely. (Prior, that is, to the introduction of 7 of 9, which did make me stop, because stupid boring series is boring and stupid.)

In this particular ep, as I recall--and understand that I only saw it once--Captain Janeway is somehow incapacitated, on death's door, and she's wandering around the ship and her father is there, trying to lure her...somewhere. Anyway it turns out that her "father" is actually some kind of being that feeds on the life force of sentient creatures. When someone's going to die, the being creates this bright light and long tunnel etc, lost loved ones, yada yada, to lure the consciousness into its web, blah blah blah, etcetera. When Janeway figures it out and decides not to go with it, it tells her angrily that one day it will have her and she'll nourish it for a long time! Then she wakes up in sickbay with the holo-doctor and all is well. The story is meant to "explain" how the near-death experiences we often hear about don't demonstrate that there's an afterlife.

Again: that's as I recall, because it's been on the order of two decades since I saw the ep. Your mileage may vary. Do not immerse in water. Batteries not included. Do not hold in mouth. Light fuse and get away.

The entire Star Trek ouerve is pretty adamant on the "no gods" thing. Supernatural beings always end up being hyper-evolved aliens and are never simply gods. There's no life after death, no nothing, and once you're done, you're done. Atheism is the rule of the day, and religion is always portrayed as silly superstition. (Except for Bajorans, who worship the "Prophets", who are aliens from the nearby wormhole.)

But to me, that begs the question: how does Janeway's nemesis work, then? If there is no life after the body ceases working, why is there anything for that being to consume?

This is the same problem that Golden Compass has: they claim there is no such thing as "God", but when they write a story, there's an afterlife--just one with no God in it. You can't have it both ways, though: if you believe that we're just molecular machines that somehow evolved on a spinning rock in space, accidentally and without any divine intervention, then there is absolutely no reason for there to be a soul. A meat machine, one that evolved due to physical processes, is not going to have an undying part.

If there are souls, then there's God. You cannot have one without the other; there's no reason for it otherwise. If there's no God, there are no souls.

...yet in the atheist world of Star Trek, people's souls could be moved around like furniture, even in the original series. The transporter is a murder machine unless you posit that there's a soul, and there have been so many stories about peoples' consciousness being put elsewhere I can't even begin to remember them all. None of that makes sense if people are meat machines.

Janeway's hovering on the edge of death--you could pass that one off as mid-mortem hallucination, I suppose, but McCoy carrying around Spock's soul is an entirely different matter.

It ends up being incoherent, of course, because the philosophy itself is incoherent. Golden Compass was meant to be an atheist "answer" to Chronicles of Narnia, but of course the atheism is incoherent to the extent that there isn't a God, but there is a God, but he's some kind of whiny bitch that gets killed, somehow, in a grungy concentration camp-like afterlife, and this is why atheists are smarter, or something.

In the various Star Trek series we're told that religion is "superstition" and so forth, but when the people writing these things start trying to get philosophical about death, they start getting mixed up. The most honestly atheist episode of Star Trek I ever saw was the one where Tasha Yar got killed; and even then, the entire premise of the whole firkin' episode demanded that at least some aliens, somewhere, have souls! The black tarry thing that blasted Tasha "I survived the rape gangs for this?" Yar into oblivion claimed it was the collected evil of a long-departed race that wanted to purge itself of its venal impulses. Well, if you do that--in a universe without gods or souls--why and how do you end up with anything at all?

...the inevitable conclusion to this train of thought is that these people don't even understand what they believe. So why listen to them?

* * *

Sunday is a day of rest. I'm gonna go rest some more.

#6146: Yep, another cat in the heat sink

Having realized that I've been putting it off for a week or so, today I broke down the computer and cleaned it.

I didn't do a complete disassembly, but I took the cover off and removed the video card, and right away I could see that the processor heat sink was covered in lint. Used a pick to get the lint out and hosed everything with compressed air. And yep, the system is dead silent again.

Look: if your computer sounds like a 747 on takeoff while you're looking at Facebook, it is just possible that its heat sinks need cleaning.

After removing approximately one cat's worth of lint from my computer, I buttoned it back up and it was nice and quiet again. I did the same cleaning on Mrs. Fungus' computer, but she had a lot less cruft in hers.

Might look into getting a bigger heat sink for mine. Her computer reports a CPU temp of 99° while mine reports a CPU temp of 122°. Biggest difference is that she's got a vertical heat sink with a big fan on it, right in the incoming air from the rear case fan, while mine has a short horizontal heat sink with a smaller fan. Mine's temp is not out of spec, but cooler is always better.

Well, that was my chore for the day, I guess.