July 13th, 2018

#6280: Of course!

So: Mars is about as close to Earth as it gets (it'll be closest on July 27) and I happen to have a very nice and nifty reflector telescope. So what happens?

Mars has a world-wide dust storm that turns it into a featureless yellow sphere, that's what.


* * *

Mitochondria transplant regenerates dying organs. Holy shit.

Look: mitochondria are the engines that power our cells. Metabolism does not take place without them; without metabolism, cells die.

When something happens to tissue such that it loses its blood supply, the mitochondria die first. It turns out that if you inject healthy mitochondria into the damaged tissue, they make a beeline for where the damaged mitochondria are and take their place.

It works a treat on babies. They think it will work pretty well on adults, too. And there's no complicated business about waiting for a donor; they take a piece of your own tissue about the size of a pencil eraser and extract your own mitochondria from it, and inject that into the damaged organ. They think it might even help stroke victims recover brain function!

Every day I drive past a billboard that says, "There is proof that God exists." This finding is just such proof, IMHO.

* * *

So, today the pool is much clearer than it was yesterday; I waded around in it and stirred up the water and it remained that clear. So the new pump is working very well.

I'm going to get some flocculent--perhaps tomorrow, as I need to pick up my pills anyway--and see if that clears up the remaining stuff.

* * *

Apparently they went and made Here is Greenwood a live-action show. It's been more than a decade since I last watched the anime. Suppose I oughta.

Ditto for 801 TTS Airbats, because I loved that series.

* * *

We watched A Quiet Place tonight. Mrs. Fungus called the big deal in the first 5 minutes of the movie. I did not expect much from the movie and was not disappointed.

* * *

AV got some more pages today. Not a lot, but what I could squeeze in, and I'm liking what got added.

And now, bedtime.

#6281: 200 pages!

So, because today was epic slow at work after about 2 PM, I added more pages to Apocalyptic Visions and got the page count to 200.

Even better?

I wrote more about the character mentioned in this post. When I stopped and thought about it, I felt a great deal of pleasure at the realization that I had created this character 29 years ago (a bit less)--my first protagonist!--and here I was writing a story with him in it.

* * *

We gotta indict someone for this thing! F-ing Democrats....

* * *

THIS is how a President should treat news organizations that lie about him.

* * *

They wouldn't be leftists if they weren't hypocrites. I mean, really. That's like one of the prerequisites: "Do you believe in one set of rules for you, and a different set for everyone else?" "Yes!" "Congratulations, here's your hammer and sickle! Now grab a diaper and a sign on your way out, because we're sending you to Bismarck to protest an oil pipeline tonight." "Sweet!"

* * *

Even better: I wrote the scene alluded to in $Release_Candidate_One, where the uniform of a certain stellar navy is established by a character to show how silly she thinks the idea is....