November 4th, 2018

#6403: Dreary November

In-person interview tomorrow, at noon. We'll see how that goes.

* * *

So far it's been dreary every day this month. Cold and rainy. I don't really mind, but it makes it a little difficult to do things outside that need doing.

* * *

For various reasons I ended up running the Jeep's tank down below the "E", and when I filled it, it took almost exactly 17 gallons. 364-odd miles; using the significant digits I can remember that works out to about 21.4 MPG. Perhaps 1 MPG off my "normal" MPG under the new slower driving regime, but I did have to run the defroster during a couple of commutes due to all the rain we've been getting, so that probably accounts for it.

Perfectly acceptable. 22 MPG is the EPA rated highway mileage for the 2000 Cherokee Sport with the I6 and 4WD. Can you dig it.

* * *

Friday I cranked up ELO's Secret Messages while I cleaned up the kitchen, with the inevitable result that I now have several of the songs from that album stuck in my head.

* * *

I cleaned out the fireplace and re-straightened the grate.

Funny thing: from the day the fireplace was installed, the grate for it had had a broken piece. When I got my welder, I tried it out by welding the broken piece back on. To my surprise, it stayed, even when I was banging it against the porch to get the bent bar straight again.

I found a bolt of about the right size to stick under the front, in the middle, to keep this from happening again; but what I think I'll do is take that bolt and cut a notch in it, and then try welding it to the grate. WTF, I have the welder; why not?

...if it ever stops raining.

#6404: Wow, really dreary November

I think it's rained all day.

Last night I predicted that it'll be a warm, dry winter. The leaves--on the first weekend of November--are only just now getting around to falling. Peak color was last week.

We normally have all the leaves down by November; and the week-long, cold, soaking rain thing is usually over by mid-October.

But it has, as I said, rained all day (at least as far as I can tell) and the "pewter skies are gray", to borrow a bad heavy metal lyric. It's the perfect overcast--heavy, leaden clouds--and it's hard to believe that maybe a mile or two up, it's bright and sunny.

I went back to sleep after Mrs. Fungus went to work--she took yesterday off and is working today--and woke up hungry yet out of sorts in the afternoon. Turns out that I'm a bit depressed, which is not entirely unexpected or surprising considering the circumstance. I did just lose a really, really good job that I liked, after all, and even though I have an interview lined up tomorrow I still can't help feeling kind of panicky about where the money's going to come from.


So I sat in the living room and listened to the rain drum on the top of the fireplace flue rain shield, trying to figure out what to do with my afternoon besides the obvious "get ready for interview tomorrow" chores. Ended up tinkering a little bit with the computer stuff--mainly going through old hard drives and deleting superfluous junk. Looked through some stuff downstairs and found a couple VHS tapes I'll never need, and dumped them, and rearranged one shelf to better fit stuff; but I feel so listless that nothing interests me. Even after sleeping in, I feel like I could sleep more, and in fact that activity is the only one which appeals to me.

Oh, well. Could be worse, right?