November 6th, 2018

#6407: Why be surprised?

Illinois is 44th out of 50 for job growth by state. Big tax hike in 2017, so of course....
A spending cap could curb Illinois’ irresponsible spending by tying spending growth to Illinois’ long-run economic growth. Instead of outpacing taxpayer incomes, spending would rise proportionally with the state economy, reducing the need for frequent tax hikes.

By providing a barrier against careless spending and its accompany tax hikes, the spending cap could bring stability to Illinois and make the state more inviting for workers and businesses.
Of course a spending cap could do that. But since Mike Madigan doesn't want a spending cap, Illinois won't get one.

Mike Madigan likes things as they are right now. Otherwise they wouldn't be like this. Mike Madigan is an idiot and a tyrant, but considering the death grip he's got on the reins of power in Illinois, he's the guy who has to decide to let things be fixed. He and Bruce Rauner had a long standoff over that last year--which culminated in those tax hikes. That alone should tell you who's running Illinois.

* * *

Brand new high-tech aircraft carrier has just a wee problem. Thirteen billion dollars, the most expensive ship in Navy history no matter how you figure it, and there's no way to get ordinance from the magazines to where the planes are.

Which is, y'know, a slight issue when the ship is an aircraft carrier, and its function is to launch airplanes armed with, y'know, ordinance. Bombs, missiles, rockets, that kind of thing.

And of course you can bet that USS Gerald Ford was built as a "cost plus" contract.

* * *

I'd like to say you heard it here first but you probably didn't. Maybe Ouma-whatev is being accelerated by dark energy. *rolleyes*

#6408: So, it'll be a short one.

Last week I worked, although not the whole week. This week I don't work. Next week I work again.

Can't complain.

The one thing I will complain about is the information security training.

The thing I hate most about computer-based training is how it's paced. I'm a fast reader, but usually these things are videos, and you have to wait for some person to drone out the text before you can click "next". What makes it worse is that I took the same kind of training eleven months ago.

And when it comes to the questions--cripes, I could answer them all correctly without watching any of the stupid videos because I've done this all before (and 99% of information security is common freaking sense) but when a question comes up you have to wait while the setup and answers are displayed.

The only way this could be made more tedious would be if it typed one character at a time, slowly.

* * *

Hmm, yes, it is very "strange" that a Chinese-owned telecom would route internet traffic through China, where it could be copied for later decryption. That is a very "strange" snafu, yeah, how utterly un-fucking-explainable it is.

Fuckin' Arse Technica, I tell you--

But it gets better.

Arse Technical claims that states won't fix voting security issues.

The simple and unavoidable fact of vote fraud in the United States is that it happens everywhere, whenever there is an election, and it universally benefits one party: the Democrats. (You will notice, for example, that when people talk about dead people voting, those corpses are not voting Republican.)

Whenever an attempt is made to ensure that only those who are eligible to vote can vote, wherever it is attempted, the Democrat Party swoops in and sues and objects and obstructs to have the law struck down. Their usual go-to excuse is that it's "racist" to expect everyone to have a government-issued photo ID, in a world where you need a government-issued photo ID to do just about fucking anything including buying cold medicine.

Somehow it's not racist to keep "minorities" from buying Sudafed, or buying guns, or opening a checking account, or flying without an ID--but it's friggin' Jim Crow to expect them to show one to vote.

Besides all that, of course, there is the implicit racist attitude the Democrats universally display, that "minorities" are incapable of acquiring and holding a government-issued photo ID. Or that they can't afford it.

The article is about the use of electronic voting machines; but the security of voting machines is secondary when anyone can walk up to a polling place, claim to be So-and-so, and vote without ever having to show an ID.

Underlying all of this is the horseshit notion--again, which universally favors Democrats--that voting is a right. It is not; if you think it is I invite you to read the Constitution and tell me where it's specifically noted that the franchise is a right.

It's not. Oh, there may be an emanation or a penumbra or a nocturnal emission to that effect, but I can assure you that in the United States, the franchise is a privilege. You may elect not to exercise it (which keeps it from being a duty) but there are several reasons you can be stripped of it, including being convicted of a crime.

Notice that convicted criminals are still due their rights under the Bill of Rights, but may not vote. (And in fact we also, in many cases, strip them of the right to keep and bear arms which is, not to put too fine a point on it, an actual enumerated right in the Constitution.)

The first step to eliminating vote fraud is simply to treat voting like we treat just about every other secure transaction: require a photo ID to do it. No ID, no vote.

I would be fine, in fact, with treating voting exactly the same way we treat gun ownership.

* * *

Socialism needs capitalism.

* * *

So, today's agenda was to complete the training, square away a couple of other employment details, and then take care of some minor chores. And vote.

Which I will now do.