November 18th, 2018

#6421: More snow

Up around 7-ish to hit the can; it was snowing, and there was a layer of white on the ground. Went back to bed, and when I got up around 12-ish, the snow had melted.

Still, it's snowed 6 times this month. It's supposed to be warmer and clearer this week; that's probably the last snow we'll see for a while, esp. if my prediction of a warmer winter is accurate. Which I expect it is, since it's El Nino time.

* * *

Finally got a layer of mud up on the bathroom wall yesterday. It's not done, because I have to do the corners and the side where regular drywall meets moisture-resistant drywall, but it's a start.

* * *

Well, short week this week, and I'll be able to wear comfortable pants.